Impressions of the Uncensored Berlin Exhibition Opening Party

On Thursday we celebrated the opening of our new group exhibition Uncensored Berlin here at Blogfabrik. It was an amazing night bringing together all the artists of the show and many of the muses, performers, and models from the artworks.

For me, Uncensored Berlin was one of the most creatively fulfilling endeavors of recent time and I am really proud of what we have accomplished here at Blogfabrik. As many of you know this was not our first exhibition. After animated GIFs, portraits of Berliners and Berlin street photography on Instagram we have now chosen the topic of social media censorship for this show giving Berlin artists who constantly get censored and banned from social media for the depiction of the human body a chance to show their works without self-censoring. Those 26 artists are showing an incredibly diverse body of work and we feel very lucky to have such a great array of artistic views in one place.

photos: Olga Khristolyubova

I want to thank of course all of the artists and muses of Uncensored Berlin to be part of this. It was a pleasure for us to work with them and we hope we can continue to do so. I’m also incredibly happy to have been able to use the wonderful space of Blogfabrik and being allowed to completely change its look. Thank you, Volker and Daniel.

I would also like to thank our main supporters Boesner and Russian Standard, as well as Aqua Monaco.

We’re also very grateful for the support of our media partners Pornceptual, Missy Magazine, and Daddy Magazine, as well as to all the blogs and magazines who covered our show. Thank you so much!

Last but not least I want to thank my wonderful team. Especially Andreas Dohmen and Claudio Rimmele for curating this show with me and Olga Potschernina for consulting on the selection of artworks. Also a big thank you to Mischi, Franzi, Berk, Giulio and Justin for helping us with everything and a very special thank you to my husband Alejandro – without his help it would not have been possible to do all this.

What is now left to say is: come to the show! We are still open from Saturday to Monday from 12-20h and on Tuesday from 12-18h (this is an extra day we added to the exhibition runtime). A lot of the artworks can be purchased in beautiful limited edition prints and we have some amazing art books in our bookshop. Once the show finishes its physical form we will continue Uncensored Berlin online so stay tuned for more!

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