Kreuzberg Just Got a New Night Club: Marktlokal Klub

Even though it seems there is very little good news these days, we have something great to announce that will really bring some joy to some of you. Kreuzberg just got a brand new nightclub: Marktlokal Klub! The district that is so famous for its nightlife and bar scene but oddly has so few actual clubs is finally getting a new one. Located at Markthalle 9 in the basement of the Marktlokal restaurant the new nightlife spot follows suit with Berlin’s tradition of having clubs in basements.

I instantly had to think back to places such as ZMF in Mitte (the original location from the makers of the iconic Griesmühle) or the famous Fuchs & Elster at Weserstraße (the original club from the Klunkerkranich team). In Kreuzberg, for instance, there were the two cute Kellerclubs Kleine Reise at Spreewaldplatz and St. Georg next to Ritter Butzke, both of which served as earlier locations for the Pornceptual party. In addition to that, there were countless places all over the city, that didn’t even have proper names, or at least I don’t remember them, as they were often lowkey hidden underneath restaurants or bars. I really like these smaller, intimate clubs, because they often have the best crowd and are never shy to surprise you with the most fun vibes.

While we missed out on the opening weekend of the Marktlokal Klub last weekend, we sure look forward to checking out their upcoming parties in the next weeks. We’ve already seen some familiar names on the line-up, including Bar25 veterans Dada Disco, as well as Midas 104 and Jan Oberlaender. So far it looks like their scheduling is focused on Thursday and Saturday, with the occasional event on Monday. We love that they are offering parties also during the week, something that has become actually more rare in the last years in Berlin. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their programming.

We wish the makers of the Marktlokal Klub all the best for this new adventure and hope to clink glasses with you very soon!

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