Learn About Mindful Berlin City Living with Rebecca Randak

Is your beloved busy big city life getting to you sometimes? We talked to the wonderful Rebecca Randak, experienced Yogi and Mindfulness blogger on Fuck Lucky Go Happy, on how to reduce stress induced by our busy Berlin and finding balance. Learn more about her ways of being mindful in the city, her favorite yoga studios and her introduction to a simple meditation technique that anybody can do.

photo: Jule Müller

Dear Rebecca, you have been living and working in Berlin for years now. How has the city influenced you so far?

Probably in everything I do. My first yoga class was during my internship with a record label in a Kreuzberg backyard loft. That was in 2006 and my life changed rapidly: That year, I discovered not only my love for yoga but also my love for my boyfriend. In a techno club.

Today we live together, I teach yoga and take care of my blog for Yoga & Spirituality “Fuck Lucky Go Happy”, which has become a small media company. Incidentally, my passion for long nights on the dance floor has remained the same.


Berlin is loud, fast-paced and exciting. How do you manage to stay focused and mindful in all the hustle and bustle?

I don’t know if the city really is our biggest problem. When it’s quiet outside, you often realize how loud it actually is on your inside. The inner chaos is usually what makes us go crazy. In the city, the inner chaos is easier to overlook, because the distraction is greater.

Nevertheless, I have a very regular yoga and meditation technique that helps me to sort out my mental chaos. Every now and then I have to get out into nature. In Winter I like to go to India – all cliché – and in Summer I love to see Southern Italy. Or simply go to the lake in Berlin. Gazing over the water and resting your eyes is very important to me.


Are there places in Berlin that are special or that fascinate you with their energy?

Above all: Berghain. I do not know any other place where living unconventionally is that accepted. I recently visited the Russians Memorial in Treptower Park for the first time – a truly funky place. Otherwise, I like Tempelhof Feld and of course my cozy bed.


photo: Jule Müller

How often do you practice yoga and how often do you meditate? What is important for your practice?

At the moment I am doing a lot of dynamic meditation at the Osho Studio and practice intensive asanas about four times a week – at home or in the studio. I’ve tried many things over the years, and realized that much less is needed for a solid yoga practice than you think. I am satisfied with a good yoga mat. Above all, you should practice what is fun and brings a sense of satisfaction with yourself and the world.


Many who do not meditate, do not dare to approach the subject, but you do not have to be spiritual to benefit from meditation. Could you explain a short exercise for our readers?

My teachers always say that we are all spiritual beings. The word spiritual comes from Latins spirit and that means breath. That means, as soon as we breathe we are spiritual. I like this truly relaxed approach.

Before you awkwardly try to sit quietly on a pillow and think about nothing, try to just concentrate on your breath: first observe how it flows and then slowly deepen it. This is easier if you count to four in your head. So: inhale 1-2-3-4, exhale 1-2-3-4 and so on. This is great for gaining some peace of mind.

If you want more: I am currently working on an online course “Woke up like this – how to find your own morning practice”. There will be many simple exercises to calm down the Monkey Mind.

photo: Grit Siwonia

Do you know yoga studios that you can recommend here in Berlin? Or teachers we should definitely visit a class of?

Peace Yoga Berlin, of course, I teach there myself and know great teachers there. Above all my mentor Moritz Ulrich. I like to go for yoga classes with Martyna Eder and Anja Kühnel at Jivamukti Berlin. Otherwise: Stefanie Roth, a great teacher in the Iyengar Yoga tradition, Patricia Thielemann, Victor Thiele and Sandra Winkens. But there are so many great teachers in Berlin, that you are always spoiled for choice.


Your new podcast Heiliger Bimbam takes an unpretentious look at spirituality and explores, among other things, what truly makes us happy. If you had to describe a recipe to reach a state of happiness with 5 ingredients, which would it be?

The green pill for instant happiness does not exist. The answer can only be given to you by yourself. To find these, it is good to stop now and then to check whether your everyday life fits in with your wishes and dreams.

I enjoy good, healthy food, exciting projects, and short breaks. In addition, I think happiness should never be built at the expense of others.

photo: Lydia Herberger

What will be the next topics that you will discuss in your podcast and where can we hear it?

Heiliger Bimbam is about the meanings and nonsense of life. Additionally to the conversations between Elli and me, there will be interviews and audience-based episodes. Scheduled are talks about our morning routine, stress and why the internet acts even more toxic towards this stress we feel.

All episodes can be listened to on heiligerbimbampodcast.de and of course on iTunes. I gladly receive your feedback, wishes, and questions – we will pick them up. By mail or just at Instagram @rebeccarandak. I am looking forward to them!!

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