Young Ticket for Culture Lovers – Staatsoper offers 12 € Tickets for Berliners Under 30

Berlin has a lot of really affordable art and culture events all around the city. Urban Art and most Galleries a free, many performances are free of charge and now even all museums are free on every first Sunday of the month. 

Going to the theater, opera or the ballet is yet not always affordable. Especially if you are not a student or if you want to have really nice seats and see the stage up close. That is why the new initiative from Staatsoper Berlin is something that we really think celebrate the spirit of the city of making the arts available for everyone, despite their income. 

For only 12€, everybody under 30 can book any available ticket on the website of the opera for the shows in between the 9th of October and the 21rst of November. Especially during the first period of autumn darkness, going to magical lights of the opera is something that can brighten up your evening.  The special sale starts on the 7th of October at 12.00 am. On the program of this month are a ballet piece, instrumental concerts and several operas to choose from. Choose quick, because tickets are usually sold-out pretty fast.

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