Skalar – A Stunning Audio-Visual Experience at Kraftwerk Berlin

There is no final explanation why we humans connect our emotions to certain sounds and colors. Some say it’s evolution that made red the color of anger, other say it’s our civilization and culture that tells us certain sounds feel sad.

Either way, art and music are the sublime keys to our emotions and gifted are the ones who know how to combine these keys with mastery. On the occasion of the CTM Festival and Transmediale, the artist Christoph Bauder and the electronic music composer Kaending Ray created a new full-scale art piece inside Kraftwerk Berlin following the success of Deep Web from 2016. Named Skalar, like the element defining a vector space, this art piece is a journey inside the deepest darkest corners of human emotions.

The body of the art piece consists of 65 mobile mirrors able to reflect the light of 90 moving laser lights. While you enter the amazing empty building of Kraftwerk you have the feeling to be inside the cave of a living and breathing animal.

While visiting the press preview we could feel the complexity of thoughts and efforts that went into making this stunning audiovisual experience. Maybe Skalar is not as powerful as the real sun to fight our February winter blues. But it will certainly bring you a lot of bright light, beautiful colors and sounds into the grayness of everyday life of Berlin Winter.

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