Experience The Original Way: Coke Food Festival in Berlin


This weekend a very special event for food lovers is happening here in Berlin: The Original Way – Coke Food Festival is taking place on Saturday and Sunday at Alte Münze in Mitte. Bringing together the best flavors from around the world prepared by local restaurant owners the festival is set out to be true culinary highlight you shouldn’t miss.

Last year Coke started their new web series The Original Way that portraits the most interesting restaurant owners from Germany that have a unique story and cook really original dishes from their home countries. From Berlin, the web series dedicated episodes to Nauta, Chutnify, Linos BBQ, Standard Pizza and Kanaan which are all really amazing places with great food and an inspiring backstory. The show recently started their second season after the first one last year was such a success. To give people the opportunity to experience the spirit of the series live they came up with the Coke Food Festival that features some of the protagonists of the show.



photos: Gero Breloer / Coca-Cola


At the festival you will be able to get a taste of the original dishes from Chutnify, Juan Danilo, Yoshi, Brian’s Steak & Lobster, Fette Kuh, Wurst Case Szenario, Takumi, Brasserie Colette, Ledu Happy Dumpling, Schneeweiß, Linos BBQ, Gimme Gelato and Mexikostraße that all have food stalls at the Alte Münze during the weekend. Some of the chefs will also host special culinary workshops where you will learn some of their recipes and find out about the stories behind them. This sounds awesome!

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the episodes of the web series there will be a cinema where you can watch the entire show. There will also be a music program with local singer-songwriters playing some lovely tunes for you.




If you feel like you want to take a culinary trip around the world and try flavors from Japan to Chile you should get some friends together and visit The Original Way – Coke Food Festival at Alte Münze this weekend. Of course, Coke wouldn’t be coke if they wouldn’t also serve their beloved drink in the iconic glass bottle.


The Original Way – Coke Food Festival

Saturday, September 7th, 2019, 12:00-22:00h
Sunday, September 8th, 2019, 11:30-18:30h

Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

Cashless Payment
Free entry


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