These Berlin Bars Deliver Excellent Cocktails to Your Home

photo: Drink Syndikat. 

I have to admit it: I really miss having a good drink. With bars closed now for over a month and most likely remaining shut for several more weeks to come my craving for a good cocktail is really growing strong. Of course, it’s the atmosphere of a good cocktail bar and the going out part that I miss dearly, but let’s face it, this just can’t happen right now and I don’t want to dwell on it. But what I technically don’t have to miss out on is the taste of a delicious cocktail – even if I have to drink it alone at home in isolation. Considering my own mixing skills would only accomplish a gin and tonic at most, it’s the refined work of Berlin’s best bartenders and mixologists that I would greatly appreciate now.

Much to my delight, I recently found out, that there are actually a few bars that do cocktail deliveries within Berlin. How amazing is that? This way you can just get the bar feel to your house. Here’s our little guide to cocktail delivery services in Berlin.



The Velvet in Neukölln is one of the most exquisite and rewarded bars of Berlin and wow are their exclusive cocktails amazing. Despite the lockdown of all bars, restaurants, and clubs they keep on mixing behind closed doors and offer their special Quarantini boxes that include 5 different drinks for delivery within the S-Bahn ring on Mondays and Fridays. Pick-ups are also possible. Check their FB page for details.



photos: velvet bar


Geist im Glas


We already listed Geist in Glas in our breakfast delivery guide the other week and they are actually the reason for us to research this new guide as we noticed not only do they delivery their brunch dishes, but also cocktails! It makes a lot of sense considering they are not only a cafe but also a bar and have a lot of experience with cocktail catering for all kinds of events. Find out what you can order here. The only catch: you might have to order a brunch along with your drinks to qualify for delivery, or settle for pick-up. But this might be negotiable depending on your order total 😉



photos: Julia Liebisch

Bar in a Jar


Considering the drinks at the Bar in A Jar already come in a jar it makes sense they are perfect for delivery. The bar in Kreuzberg decided to make the best of the situation during the lockdown and deliver their pre-mixed cocktails to Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln and Mitte. You can order a selection of available drinks here.



photos: Bar in a Jar


Drink Syndikat


The Drink Syndikat is actually not a real-life bar, but an online shop with a cocktail delivery service that offers boxes with ingredients and instructions to mix really refined cocktails, some of which were created by awarded bartenders (for instance winners from the World Class competition). The Berlin-based service is most likely on fire right now with all the bars closed, but you can trust they have a lot of experience with delivering the best drinks to your doorstep. If you like it, you can even get a subscription.



photos: Drink Syndikat


Road Runner Bar


This lovely mobile bar usually offers their drinks on markets and events served from their cute truck. As none of these events actually happen these days, they take the mobility of their bar to the next level by bringing the cocktails to your doorstep. The great thing about Road Runner is, that they deliver cocktails all over Berlin and also offer alcohol-free mixed drinks, wine and soft drinks. Cheers!



photos: Road Runner Bar

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