These Berlin Musicians Delivered the Best New Music Videos of the Summer

photo: Ísabel Hayn. 

The music scene of Berlin is as hot as the summer right now. Over the last warm couple of weeks, they kept delivering one lush track after the other and we are here for it! It’s exciting to see the scene progressing and to raise the bar higher and higher.

Despite Berlin’s reputation as the number one hub for electronic music, our selection of this new music feature revolves mostly around pop and indie rock music. Which is great as it shows how diverse the city truly is offering space for any kind of genre.

Brace yourselves for stand-out debuts of Lie Ning, colorful pop collages of Free Free Dom Dom and sultry soundscapes of Magic Island in our new Berlin Music Video compilation.


Lie Ning – Tonight


If you are wondering: Hey, I know this boy! You are not mistaken. The Berlin-born multi-talent has graced our blog multiple times before with his work as a dancer and model. Apparently those two callings were not enough for him as he dropped his debut single “Tonight” out of the blue. And you know what else dropped: Our jaws. His voice is magnificent! We had no idea what was coming for us. Not only does he know how to move and strike a pose, but his voice also has so much soul and depth. We are already thirsty for more.




FHAT – She Can’t Love You


With their new track “She can’t love you” the boys from FHAT are giving us delicious 70s disco vibes with a sultry video that makes all our disco bathroom phantasies come true. It’s refreshing to see such an uninhibited take on the genre that comes with so much sass and sex appeal. The track has as bopping around in our seats and the cheeky retro lo-fi video, too, is a joyride not to be missed.


The official music video for “She Can’t Love You” is HERE! by Jafunk#newmusic #70s #allfhat

Gepostet von FHAT am Freitag, 30. August 2019



Free Free Dom Dom – Swimming Pool


If you haven’t heard the music of Free Free Dom Dom yet you better hold your wigs tight as you are in for a wild and ecstatic pop rampage through high notes and pumping beats. The track promises a good time, as does the colorful video that combines behind the scenes footage with the material of an elaborate shoot with a styling that is totally on par with international pop stars. We would certainly have a drink with Laetitia and Philippe of Free Free Dom Dom anytime.




Magic Island – High Note


Taking it a notch down with the tempo for our next track we arrive on the Magic Island. The bleached blonde siren with the soulful voice is withering around on her bed in the most sensual of ways amping up the heat so much that the camera is totally off focus leaving a lot to our imagination. While the slow tune with avant-garde R’n’B vibes is wrapping us fully in velvety comfort the video awaits us with quite an unexpected (and slightly disturbing) surprise towards the end. Björk sends her regards.




Sultans Court – Disembodied


Sultans Court are quite a new discovery for us. Their new track Disembodied literally came out 2 days ago and totally captivated us instantly. It’s possibly the most danceable one from our selection. It makes sense as the video shows a powerful contemporary dance performance by Johanna Lemke at the stunning setting of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (as I believe). We are curious to learn more about this band!




Say Yes Dog – Feel Better


From electronic tunes, we are now entering the realm of indie pop-rock music with the latest track of Say Yes Dog. “Feel Better” which is the third single from their second album Voyage is indeed making us feel better – especially when watching the three boys lounging on the grass at Körnerpark or jamming on the rooftop of Holzmarkt.




Von Flocken – Zucker & Gold

Of all the videos in our feature, the one from Von Flocken is the most cinematic one. You can tell there is a story going on with the girl running around abandoned places of Berlin to hide a gun. If you’re curious there is actually a second part to the video for the follow-up single. It’s also the only German-language song which should be quite nice for all of you who wanna practice their skills. The lyrics are full of powerful and beautiful words and expressions.


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