Unique Industrial Design & Furniture at Urban Industrial

The combination of wood and metal makes your heart race, you wish that steam punk had actually been a time period and “vintage” truly is your second forename? Let us hook you up with the Mekka of industrial furniture at the one and only “Urban Industrial”, the holy hall for everything antique, unique and extremely stylish.

The brand was born out of founder Jakob Wagner’s strong passion and unmistakable talent for collecting vintage furniture from shut down factories, skillfully refurbishing them and putting them up in his store for you to fall in love with. What used to be a ballroom opposite Volkspark Hasenheide at Hermannplatz now spectacularly serves as their showroom. Upon entering it impresses you with its large space, remarkably high ceilings and grungy looking walls. With the atmosphere truly mirroring the industrial style, making a visit resembles an experience rather than just a shopping trip.



Heavy metal lamps in every shape and size are hanging on chains from the ceiling, old clocks and rusty metal drawers, antique containers and all small things cool and vintage for your flat have found a home here. Fans of the industrial style will marvel at the old wooden tables fixed up with beaten metal, the soulful barchairs, those large cozy leather couches and fun bright neon letters, carefully arranged in the space. The team of Urban Industrial does not only care for their own business, they also take care of the appearance of other businesses, creating remarkable interior design for cafés and restaurants such as What Do You Fancy Love and Vertikal.



I am watching it – piece by piece – appearing in many flats around berlin: solid wood tables, rustic table lamps and metal shoe cabinets have taking the place of soulless furniture store interior. The industrial trend is on and thriving, with the mission of bringing true character and a little bit of mystery into our homes. Of course this design comes with a price, but so does living with boring furniture…. If you feel like changing things up for you this year, take a peak inside the holy halls of Urban Industrial and be prepared to fall in love..



Urban Industrial, Hasenheide 13, 10967 Berlin-Neukölln

Open: Mon-Sat 11-20h

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