When The Party Becomes A Ball

When it comes to Berlin’s nightlife you better dress to impress – or in the case of our friends from Pornceptual: undress to impress because at their sex and body positive parties less is simply more in terms of clothing.

The club life has never been as diverse, colorful and eccentric as now and we love it! So many beautiful characters that you can encounter in the dancefloor. So much to look at, so much too admire. It’s not simply just a party anymore – it’s a ball!

With their portrait series “Porn Ball”, Pornceptual not only introduces the theme of their parties but they also pay tribute to the beauty of the ballroom scene. These characters are not simply wearing outfits, they are wearing their LIVES! Their confidence is infectious!

Enjoy this fun photo series and make sure to come to the next Pornceptual party on June 8th.

Photography: Chris Phillips
Models: Ana Ornelas , Adam Ryan Thomas , Nicky Robert Hofland , Beau Blonde , Haidar A. Darwish , Peer Lie Ning , Marcel Karussell , Eric Maj Potocnik
Styling: Eric Maj Potocnik
Outfits: Schwarzer Reiter , PERLENSÄUE , Florian B. Máthé , House of Marmol , ERIC MATYASH , Fusc
Production: Raquel Fedato

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