Why doing Sports in Berlin Winter really sucks!

We’ve all been there. During summer literally all of Berlin seems packed with beautiful, super fit people hanging around semi-naked and looking like they just jumped out of a fitness-Instagram channel. The problem is, regarding your own fitness, you wouldn’t dare hang around these super humans to practice your yoga skills, running stamina or doing sit-ups. What seems annoying but nonetheless joyful in the summer becomes practically impossible during wintertime: doing sports outside. But, you might ask, how and when should you achieve your perfect summer body?

Together with the newly opened gym JOHN REED Fitness Music Club, we wrote down a series of serious (and not-so-serious) reasons why you should avoid doing outdoor sports in Berlin in winter. As an alternative, we are not only recommending you this new fitness club right in the middle of the city, but also raffling out two full-year memberships. Not bad right? Check out our little GIF series after the jump.

As the temperature drops below 10 degrees, your lazy side (in German we say Schweinehund, like lazy as a dog and a pig combined) starts throwing a party in your subconscious.



So you’d rather stay inside your cozy house and pretend to do some exercise in front of your favorite Netflix series.



But your results are as unconvincing as your home routine from the random YouTube channel you just found.



When outside, you won’t impress anybody with your crazy yoga skills in the park.



While your winter jogging outfit has the kind of shape that makes you look like a marshmallow.



And you better watch your step! Running outside looks more like ice skating.



Even when you have some abs or muscles, showing them off outside is not a good idea.



On the plus side: you don’t need to worry about your facial expressions. Nobody will even see you have a face!



We hope you enjoyed our little GIF series. Everybody who tells us in the comments below what they dislike most about doing sports in winter will take part in the raffle for  two full-year memberships at John Reed.

John Reed is located at Prenzlauer Allee near Alex and at Gesundbrunnen. Its outstanding concept combines a high-class fitness studio with the good vibes and funky beats of a dance club.

Two times a week there will be live-DJ Sets with local and national DJs that will give your spinning routine an extra kick. Fully equipped with everything from cardio machines to spinning classes, you will be surprised by the unusual setting and unique interior concept. Fitness-Lovers can get the whole package for 20 euro month. Sounds like an appealing deal to us.

So now you have a healthy alternative to listen to your favorite kind of music and find some good motivation to pump your body into your dream summer shape.

Please use a valid eMail address in the form to participate in the raffle. Good luck!

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21 Responses to “Why doing Sports in Berlin Winter really sucks!”

  1. Connor Says:

    I hate how cold my nubbins get :,(

  2. Clemens Says:

    i think the worst thing is probably the fact that you eat 93x the recommended amount of Lebkuchen during the cold months, making all excercise utterly pointless 🙂 haha

  3. Logan Says:

    What I hate most about doing sports in the winter is that I have to work twice as hard to burn off the calories from all the fatty, sugary (and delicious) foods I eat during the season!

  4. Mariona Says:

    New cool gym next to Gesundbrunnen? I NEED THIS! *Channeling all the luck I didn´t have during the year right now…* 🙂

  5. Mariona Says:

    The emotion made me submit the comment before I could say that I hate exercising during the winter because the fucking cold makes you stiff as a piece of wood… Not all the Pilates in the world can fix a frozen bakc :/

  6. Lena Says:

    The worst bit is leaving your cozy home with coffee, tea and Plätzchen and trading it in for a slippery, icy surface to run on… It only is epitomised by a good old, all-grey autumn day with constant drizzle.

  7. Matthias Says:

    What I hate most about sports in the winter is it being dark outside during the usual times I go for a run.

  8. Ahmed Says:

    Perfect time to give us some motivation with new gym that can left up our sporty mood

  9. Sophie Says:

    In winter, there is no party in the park and there is only thermal underwear in my sweatpants…

  10. H Says:

    what I dislike about doing sports in winter is that no matter how warm I get underneath all the clothes i need to wear to not catch my death while exercising outside, I’m still at risk of losing my nose to frost bite :'(

  11. Kat Says:

    The smell of bratwurst everywhere in the city from the Christmas markets and knowing you will eat one later despite your no carb no meat diet..

  12. Lukas Says:

    Definitely the fact that berlin winters don’t even include any snow. As a snowy workout is quite cleansing for body and mind.
    So yea. No snow, no workout, now food!

  13. R Says:

    Not being able to run 2mins without needing a box of tissues for my running nose, complements of the cold weather 🙁

  14. Jaqueline Says:

    What I dislike the most about sports in winter is that there is no ideal amount of layers that can keep you not frozen in the beginning but not hell-like hot in the end.

  15. Jen Says:

    Having to get to the gym early in the morning when its dark and super cold. Not very motivating weather

  16. Pamela Says:

    It’s always wet outside 😫

  17. Camille Says:

    The worst part is that it is always dark!

  18. Alie Says:

    I swear like a sailor the whole way through my outdoor run – but at least no one is around to hear me coz they were all smart enough to exercise indoors!

  19. Juan Camilo Says:

    The worst part is the freezing walk in the mornings from home to the gym, where on every step you think you would have rather spent one hour more tucked into your warm bed…

  20. Marie Says:

    When you have the choice between walking to the gym or staying at home, binging Netflix and eating a never ending supply of christmas biscuits, the gym is obviously not my priority haha

  21. Julia Says:

    Sounds good aaand it’s nearby! Count me in!

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