Calypt – A Modern Vintage Treasure Chest

Calypt 05

When it comes to vintage fashion the options in Berlin are countless. There are many sources, big markets, kilogram shops and small boutiques. We have quite a few really good little stores with a nice, almost personal selection of clothes. But when it comes to the reflection of contemporary style and youth culture the options are getting fewer.

Calypt might very well be one of the rare vintage shops that closes this gap. The little store in Boddinstraße just opened a few months ago but has already managed to gather a little fan base of the young and fashionable in Neukölln. When you browse through the racks you can tell that the store owners select their pieces meticulously with love and care. For them every garment is unique and special that they hang into their shop.

Right on the wavelength of current trends in fashion they have a focus on the 90s, both for boys and girls. They cover various styles, but what stood out the most two me where two things: One is their selection of sports and active wear. With all the mesh tops, sports jerseys, shorts and neopren jackets you could totally style an editorial for any renowned style magazine and no-one would know it’s all vintage. And the second section that I think is interesting is the “club rack” which is a fun selection of some more crazy and daring pieces you could wear for your next night out in the techno nightclubs of Berlin.

Head over the jump to get your first impressions and the details of the store, but even better schedule a visit on your next trip to Neukölln.

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on August 14th, 2014
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Horse Balloons and Fancy Hats – A Sunday at Hoppegarten

Horse Balloons and Fancy Hats – A Sunday at Hoppegarten

As Vice put it in a recent feature: Sunday at Hoppegarten is the new Berghain. It’s a hilarious, yet unfair comparisson, but I admit these where my thoughts too when I was at the horse race course on Sunday thinking how much more enjoyable my time there was than it would be in the cement garden of the techno club.

I was invited by Warsteiner who is one of the main supporters of the Hoppegarten horse race course to join them for the Big Price of Berlin which is the biggest award for horse races in Germany. I didn’t really know how to imagine it would be. I imagined it like a day-time version of Boheme Sauvage. And actually the reality was not too far away from it. We had such a beautiful afternoon there that we remained in a daze of wonder for days to come.

It was as nostalgic as you imagine it: A glamorous picknick in the park, pretty ladies with fancy hats, dandy gentlemen, horse-shaped balloons for the kids (I bought one too though). It is a really picturesque setting at Hoppegarten. And I haven’t even started with the horses yet. Hot Like Mexico, Sugarbabe, Lucky Speed, Berlin Berlin. Talking about popculture references for horse names here. It’s really as much of an elegant sport as it was promissed to us. In 8 races spread out over the afternoon all these horses with funny names and fancy manes gallopped over the meticulously groomed lawn for the main price. Three year old stallion Sirius turned out to be the winner of the Big Price of Berlin, unfortunately none of us made a bet on him due to lack of general horse race knowledge. But it was fun nontheless and I would definately come back here for another sunny afternoon at this beautiful place full of balloons, horses and hats. Enjoy my impressions after the jump.

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on August 13th, 2014
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Berlin Voguing Out Festival 2014 – Journey to the Far East


photos: Gero Brelder

There is nothing that I find more intriguing than people loosing control and all their repressions on the dancefloor. For me that’s the definition of Voguing: Fighting for the sparkles of the disco ball every minute of the song pumping through the stereo. Some of this fighting spirit I am excited to experience live at the Berlin Voguing Out Festival that is taking place this week.

In 2012 Berlin Voguing Out introduced the first Voguing festival in Germany and since then this unique event has established itself within a very short time as a melting pot for the international Voguing scene.The third edition of the Berlin Voguing Out Festival will be even bigger and more colorful than in recent years. The program includes lectures, workshops, film screenings on the history of Voguing and the highlight of the festival, the Voguing Ball with its famous runway and dance categories.

This Wednesday there will be a special screening and an opening party at the Sophiensaele that you shouldn’t miss. On Thursday there will be a Voguing contest and on Friday a spectacular Voguing Ball. The final party on Saturday at the Berghain Kantine will probably get everyone jumping off their feet and into a coma after this crazy dance marathon.

More photos of previous Voguing events after the jump.

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on August 12th, 2014
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K.O.tti – An Interpretation by Nicola Napoli


On Friday young artist and visual designer Nicola Napoli opened his first solo show at the CLUB and the turn up was amazing! So  many people followed his invitation and made this a really great opening. At his show that will still be on display until September 4th he did not only show his famous Berghain artworks and other nightlife related pieces, but also a very new and amazing illustration called “K.O.tti” depicting Kottbusser Tor. It is actually his most amazing work so far perfectly capturing the contemporary Berlin Zeitgeist like nothing I’ve ever seen. I bet this one will be in history books about our time some time in the far future. In his panorama of the popular hotspot in the center of Kreuzberg he combines all the different worlds that come together here: The Turkish shop owners selling fruits and Döner, the junkies at the corner being zoned-out, the young hipster kids with their transparent tops, the Swedish tourist with their instant cameras, the African drug dealer spreading some magic feelings, the Burka-wearing Muslim ladies and other random folks stumbling by. It’s a fantastic interpretation of this unique place in Berlin. And this is only the start as Nicola is planning to create these panoramas for other districts and popular spots too. I’m certainly looking forward to see more. Meanwhile you all should head over Nicola’s webshop and order the beautiful hand-signed and numbered limited prints of his pieces. After the jump a closer look at K.O.tti.

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on August 12th, 2014
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Le Articioche – The Artistic Supper Club


From time to time we have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary dinner experience such as a secret supper club. We love these kind of dinners were random strangers meet at a house of another stranger and get surprised by all kinds of delicacies. These types of dinners take a special place in our memory not only for the food but also for the interesting encounters with the other supper club guests. Berlin has so many wonderful supper clubs to offer and some of them we reviewed over here. One supper club we would like to recommend today is called Le Articioche and is organised by two Italian girls living in Neukölln. Their special recipe: for every dinner they serve they invite a special artist to give a creative contribution. For the one we went too, we had the chance to enjoy contemporary dance in between the courses of tasty Italian dishes.

This Wednesday they will have another supper club with the topic abstraction. A performance by Sub Human Bros will create the right atmosphere to guide you into the abstraction era! Don’t miss this intense experience and reserve your seat since the capacity is limited. By staying in touch with their facebook page you will know when their next dinner will take place. After the jump you will find some photos from the last supper club we attended to.

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on August 11th, 2014
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Milou – A New Place of Fresh Deliciousness

Milou – A New Place of Fresh Deliciousness

For those of you who like to hang out at Admiralbrücke and around the riverbanks along the Landwehrkanal we have some good news: No longer do you have to sit on the streets. Right at the popular hang-out spot at the bridge a brand new cafe and restaurant called Milou opened up offering freshly made breakfast, lunch and dinner from healthy and local ingredients.

We checked out the place recently and tried out all their breakfast options which includes a variety of egg dishes, yummy pancakes and oatmeal. Thew quality of the food and coffee was really good and the prices really fair, what more can you ask for?  There is of course a lot more, but we needed to save some space for the gorgeous looking cakes (which tasted as just as great as they looked). For lunch and dinner they have a colorful menu plus some daily specials which we yet have to try out. It includes freshly made pasta, fish and meat dishes, salads, soups, Tarte Flambee, Quiche and a lot more. You won’t be missing anything here in this sunny and friendly place. Get some first impressions and the details after the jump.

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on August 8th, 2014
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Goodbye, Tempelhof – Berlin Festival Moves to Arena Park


OH. MY. GOD. I’m so relieved that after all those years I can finally blurt it out without being unsupportive of Berlin’s own precious music festival: I HATED Tempelhof as the venue for the Berlin Festival. I don’t know why, I totally love Tempelhof for all the exhibitions and trade shows. But for some reason for the festival it never worked for me. Too big, to annonymous, horrible sound, and it always seemed a bit too empty to create a real buzzing atmosphere. And how inconvenient that they had to stop playing music quite early in the night because of the noise complaints from the neighbors.

So when the news broke a couple of days ago that Berlin Festival was moving to Arena Park I was actually excited about it. I’m sure people will have all sorts of ideas why this happened. I can recommend an interesting read over at our friends from Mit Vergnügen where Berlin Festival booker Stefan Lehmkuhl talks about the reasons for the move and the newly founded Arena Park area. After the jump you can get a little overview of the new festival grounds at the Spree that you can see for yourself live from September 5-7, 2014.

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Party Hard with Nicola Napoli


On Friday our friend and talented young artist and illustrator Nicola Napoli is opening his new solo exhibition Party Hard that is a compilation of his nightlife related artworks including one big new piece about Kottbusser Tor. Earlier this year the Italian-born and Berlin-based artist became a bit famous for his illustration of the cue in front of Berghain. The club owners liked his work so much that they commissioned him to do the flyer for one of their monthly party programs which turned out to be an even more popular piece of his portfolio. Get a taste of what to expect on Friday after the jump and make sure to come by for a drink at he opening reception.

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on August 6th, 2014
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Berlin Escapes: An Opera Trip to Verona


photo: Roberto Bolle at Arena di Verona by Luciano Romano

In the summer months it’s always noticeable that there is a little less going on in town than usual. Even the Berlin visitors are taking little excursions to other European places and before you stay here and get bored maybe you should also plan your next short trip. Today we have one suggestion for you: The beautiful city of Verona in Northern Italy. It’s not only the home of the fictional tragic couple of Romeo and Juliet, but also one of the most charming Italian cities to visit and only such a short flight away from Berlin.

The romantic, historic city is a total contrast to the rough urban landscapes of Berlin. One historic building aligns itself with the next and you will quickly feel like you are lost in another time. Among the many highlights of the city the one location that is going to be in every “Top 10 Things to do in Verona” lists (I checked…) is the Arena di Verona. Find out more about it after the jump.

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Berlin, after the Party


So, this is pretty much how you can imagine how the young and hip in Berlin areas such as Neukölln live nowadays. Altbau with Dielen, of course, well, unless you got lucky and got an apartment in the Plattenbau across from Hasenheide. Sparsely decorated, like you don’t really care. Always the air of an afterparty from the previous weekend in the room. The dinner table littered with alcohol bottles, the cheap stuff of course. The bathroom is lit with candles because you don’t know how to fix the lamp without getting electrocuted. Clothes on the floor because your one Ikea rack is full / no more free wire coat hangers from the dry cleaners. Tattoos and/or piercings are mandatory – there cannot be too many. Everything is tinted in a grey haze because it looks cooler this way. Praise the gloominess, praise the I-don’t-care, praise headache pills. If mom thinks the place is a mess she can clean the fuck up herself.

At least this is the picture drawn by director John Lee Siebert in his little film that he shot in a local apartment and rooftop for  music act Submerse released by Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle. What do you think? How spot on is he with his impression of the Berlin lifestyle? Well, maybe leave the dramatic plot twist toward the end of the short film out of the equation ;) Enjoy the cool video after the jump.

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