How to Re-organize & Style your Apartment the Berlin Way

Berlin Interior DIY Styles-8778

It’s Spring and you know what is one of the favorite rituals for Germans to do in Spring? Bringing everything back in order in the house. We also call it “Frühjahrsputz” meaning Spring Cleaning. Of course in Berlin this means finally bringing all the beer and Club Mate bottles that have piled up in the corner back to the Späti to receive some Pfand, changing out some Automaten photos from some ex lovers with new ones and bringing that stack of vintage clothes that become unfashionable back to the vintage shops.

But if you really want to be a pro about the Frühjahrsputz you also have to consider some re-styling and re-decorating. Because every year is different in Berlin and this should also reflect in your own four walls.

We teamed up with the interior experts of Granit who recently opened their first store in Berlin on Rosenthaler Straße in Mitte to come up with some interior ideas that reflect the spirit of Berlin. Granit hails all the way from Sweden and naturally the Berliners are eating it up as they love everything from Scandinavia. They offer interior products as well as household and office accessories with a very minimal, timeless and iconic design. It’s a total match made in heaven with the style of Berlin that has a quite raw, industrial aesthetic.

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on May 12th, 2017
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Weekend Escape from Berlin: Apulia and Castro


The end of the world can be a beautiful place sometimes. At least that’s the case for Apulia the high heel of the boot of Italy and the little village of Castro at its bottom. There you really feel you have reached the end of all the worlds you know. No big city, no hustle and bustle, no futurism, no minimalism and certainly no cold. Neither the weather nor the heart of the welcoming people cheering travelers and tourist alike.

To give you a more unconventional description for this beautiful place we had the pleasure to experience for just two days, we will tell you more about the 4 unique colors we saw.

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on May 12th, 2017
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Turning your Love Affair to Berlin into a Relationship

Berlin Affair-9156

We all have a story we cannot wait to share, of how we met and fell head over heels with Berlin. Arriving here for the first time, with no mental images or expectations in mind, I found myself observing every little thing in awe: cultures from every corner of the globe coexisting in such an interesting, diverse way, the insane nightlife which often becomes  night-and-the-next-day-and-the-next-nightlife, its tolerance of everything that’s different or doesn’t fit in; all freaks find a safe haven here.I liked its chillness and its vibe, and finally was like, I’ve nothing to lose, I’ll date Berlin for a while; and it’s not until I had to leave that I felt magnetized,the thought in my head being: I keep thinking about Berlin. Maybe  I should  call Berlin again.

It’s not once or twice one hears this story: ‘I visited Berlin and fell in love with it.’ ‘Wow, Berlin! Such a good time I definitely wanna go back there!’ But where is the line actually being drawn between, Berlin was a good one night stand, and Berlin being the One? As in every relationship, an evaluation has to take place. Of course, choosing this partner often means leaving a lot of your previous life behind; and dealing with the unfamiliarity of it can be a pain too: the language, the lifestyle, the pace of the city can all be factors to discourage you. But how can you go on, knowing you’ve found something so special, but you’re too afraid? As Monica did before marrying Chandler, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

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on May 11th, 2017
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Holzmarkt – Berlin’s Unique Urban Oasis


Who would have thought in the mid 2000s that a tiny shack of scrap wood on an abandoned lot at the river Spree would ever become the quirky urban oasis that is the Holzmarkt today?

It was in the year 2004 when I stepped into the so-called Bar25 for the first time. At the time it was a tiny improvised bar made of recycled wood at the end of an overgrown footpath in the wastelands of the Spree riverbanks in Friedrichshain. There was no techno party going on there, just the comfort of a worn out couch and some beers. I was on a date then that I hardly remember now, but I remember the place because it became of one the most legendary international techno clubs and a hub for youth culture of the post-millennium era.

Over the course of the next 7 years the buzz around this inconspicuous little place became louder and louder. I dropped by every now an then observing their journey to techno heaven and international fame. The bar grew bigger ever year, adding a small circus arena, a pizza parlor, a restaurant, a spa, a pool, a hostel and more cute little things to its world making it a little paradise that you never wanted or needed to leave. They started the whole cult of going to a place and not leaving it for 5 days straight. You didn’t have to, because there was everything you needed – plus a swing with a lovely view of the sunset over the Berlin city silhouette. There was a lot of feathers, confetti and glitter involved, something that set the Bar25 apart from it’s more understated neighbor Berghain that opened around the same time as them.

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on May 9th, 2017
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Pictoplasma: Berlin’s Cutest Festival


illustration: Rob Flowers

Berliner creatives, rejoice! Once a year, our incredible city becomes home to one of the coolest designer and artist gatherings, Pictoplasma Berlin, which showcases the latest trends in character design, bringing together artists, video game and animation designers, virtual and augmented reality creators, but also illustrators, graphic designers, even kids’ books and ceramic designers, inviting them to explore how far they can push their genre boundaries, and our grasp of what’s real.

As its central event, Pictoplasma holds a conference where creators and producers have the chance to exchange ideas on new strategies on characters and trends. And while they do their thing, the wider festival invites us to enjoy multiple screenings of selected short films, bringing us the latest anime eye candy, combined with the opportunity to learn a thing or two, as the makers hold Q&As right after the screenings.  Along with that, exhibitions run in galleries all around Berlin: there, one gets the unique chance to be part of quite rare exhibition tours by artists themselves, where they present originals and new productions. Cool huh? Parties and further art happenings is also part of the deal- enabling some fun interaction with the festival’s audience and production members.

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on May 9th, 2017
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Dancing the Essence of Berlin

Frenesi 2

Works of art that combine unique, atmospheric movement with Berlin as their setting always catch our eye: it is with pleasure that we introduce to you our recent discovery, the Berlin-made Frantics Dance Company, through their super cool new video, FRENESI.

FRENESI, Spanish for frenzy, ‘a violent exaltation of a feeling or a passion’, was created through the collaboration of the dance group with the director Derek Pedros. Inspired by Berlin’s raw beauty and darkness, FRENESI takes us all around Berlin, shot at different locations like the Gretchen club, Marameo, Theatre Stahl and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center, taking us on a journey through the dancers’ captivating energy.

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on May 8th, 2017
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A Farewell Letter to Kaisers

Kaiser Farewell Frowny

Dear Kaisers,

I cannot believe that you have passed, brutally chucked to the ground by your mean, giant stepbrothers  EDEKA and REWE. You have been around since 1881 surviving generations of hungry Berliners. You were there all this time, always serving the best food for us, always looking for the best price/performance ratio in town, and even serving us liquor at times when none of your family members cared anymore. You said farewell to the actual last emperor, you survived the most dreadful wars, you saw walls rise and fall and we just took you for granted all this time. But now, now you are gone. Kaisers – we will miss you!

Kaisers, it didn’t matter what neighborhood my life would take me to, you would always be there and greet me at least twice from Marzahn to Zehlendorf. Sometimes I knew, but sometimes you would just take me by surprise. But, you would always bring a smile to my face when I spotted you in that cute ‘lil red outfit of yours with that sweet teapot symbol. No one could pull of a ‘lil teapot symbol the way you did. Not in their wildest dreams would your siblings go for this bold styling statetment – ever! They would just look silly. But you didn’t!

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on May 5th, 2017
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Amazing Berlin Short Films & Videos

Berlin TV Tower Liftoff

This city has always gone hand in hand with artistic creation, being generous in providing artists with a safe space to freely express themselves, as well as serve as a major aesthetic inspiration. Film makers in particular, often use Berlin’s diverse setting as their canvas upon which they unfold their  stories, each one triggered by a different aspect of life in this Wonderland. We are excited to present you these Berlin-themed short films, which capture Berlin’s unique vibe perfectly, and speak to all of us that are hypnotized by the city’s magic spell.

It has been this love for Berlin and for art, that lead iHeartBerlin in collaboration with Mobile Kino to organize  the 4th edition of the Berlin Film Nights, a program of screenings dedicated to Berlin-made feature films, short films and TV series, that will take place in May and June 2017 and include the anticipated movie Berlin Syndrome and the TV series 4 Blocks by TNT Serie. You can submit your own film until May 15th, screenings will start on May 19th, 2017.

If the prospect of sharing your work with other Berlin lovers wasn’t enough to motivate you, perhaps this piece of info might help, as the best short film wins a cash prize of 1000EUR; all to be enjoyed in the city, in escaping the city, or maybe invested in the winner’s next short film. Submit yours now!

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on May 3rd, 2017
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Blackout Berlin: An Abstract Interpretation of the City

thumbnail_Main Picture

illustrations: Marie M. Benaboud

Apart from a refuge, Berlin has served as a muse to artists in search for inspiration; both by its welcoming and freeing atmosphere, as well as its exciting subject matter. And it is Berlin that inspired Marie M. Benaboud with her artistic project, Blackout Cities. The Moroccan/Swiss/Belgian architect chooses the city’s most recognizable landmarks as a theme for her project’s first series, reintroducing them to us in an imposing, yet minimal manner.

She combines architecture, photography, and illustration to imprint her unique vision on the urban landscape. Her tools to creating the enigmatic atmosphere that characterizes her work are her strong compositions, the exclusive use of black, as well as the absence of human presence. All her pieces have a personal touch as they are all handmade, silkscreen printed in her atelier in Wedding, in limited editions.

Recently, the artist announced her collaboration with of/Berlin, a store  that hosts unique Berlin designs, making it easier for us to check out her work, either through the store’s website, their physical store in Kreuzberg, or through the blog dedicated solely to the project.

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on May 2nd, 2017
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We heart Milan – Our Visit to Milan Design Week 2017


What can you do when Berlin gives you -2 degrees in April? We decided to give ourself a break from this great city with the ass-cold (free translation of the German term arschkalt) heart and start the season of Spring properly while escaping to Milan and visit the Milan Design Week. Sounds pretty spoiled, huh?

Well to be fair and square, Milan Design Week is a posh event only in certain ways. First of all most exhibitions and events are for free and without any guestlist involved. Secondly, flights from Berlin to Milan are more than affordable even close to Design Week. But mostly I think the event is so enjoyable and down to earth because the whole city with all inhabitants are curious about it and love to spend time visiting it. So you might enjoy the giant cockring designed by Hermes next to the Italian grannies from the neighborhood, or you might be playing in the playground of Toilet Paper Magazine or Marni with toddlers and battle for the best selfie poses with Italian high school kids. And I can promise you, you won’t win that battle.

So we were spoiled with good weather, nice Aperitivos and lots of playful design but were kind enough to come back to Berlin with lots of beautiful photos by Alicia Kassebohm. So after the jump we show you our favorite design highlights and trends we picked up there.

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on May 2nd, 2017
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