The friendly Monster: Ungeheuer Neukölln


Even though the German term Ungeheuer (which translates to “monster”) does not sound particularly inviting the cafe/restaurant/bar of the same name in Neukölln is actually a really warm, comfortable and welcoming place. Located at the border of the ring at Emser Strasse it is a little bit off the beaten tracks of the busy areas of the hip district. But in its 5 year run the Ungeheuer has made quite the name for itself and it does get quite busy especially on the weekends for breakfast. Once you step inside you will understand why, it’s just one of those charming Neukölln places with vintage furniture, granny lamps and flowers on the tables. But that’s not what makes this place special to us: It’s the food! The serve breakfast, lunch, cake and dinner, and after that a nice cocktail for the night. But apart from the variety of meals, they just put so much love into the detail that yours eyes will widen once your plates are served. The cakes, the breakfast platters, the lunch and dinner dishes, they do not only taste delicious but also look so lovely that you hardly want to destroy the ensemble with your forks and knifes. For us the most amazing things they have their are their variety of cheesecakes and the amazing breakfast dishes. Have look at the photos after the jump to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

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on July 22nd, 2015
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The Concert of your Life with Sunrise Avenue

The Concert of your Life with Sunrise Avenue

On Friday Leni from Amy & Pink and I were two of the few lucky people who got to join a very exclusive event at Cassiopeia in Friedrichshain. In promotion of their sexy new cabriolet MX-5 the Japanese car brand Mazda organized a private concert of the Finnish band Sunrise Avenue that only 200 people were able to attend. You couldn’t actually buy tickets for this concert, you could only win them on the Mazda page or through various radio stations. I was privileged to be part of a small group of bloggers and journalists who got “smuggled in” by the girls from JuLi PR to see the so-called “concert of your life”.

It’s been actually well over 10 years that I have been inside Cassiopeia and I was pretty amazed by the whole area behind and around it that also includes a beer garden, an open air cinema called Insel and a crazy climbing tower. It was a lovely atmosphere with a wild mix of people of all different styles and it reminded me of how special the whole RAW area is.

As Friday was a pretty hot day the concert inside Cassiopeia pretty quickly developed into a musical sauna experience. But the die hard fans of Sunrise Avenue, as well as the band members were some tough cookies that made it through the heat like an easy exercise. I somehow managed to take some photos and animated GIFs from the performance and in the end I even got rewarded and caught one of the plectrums that the charismatic front man Samu Haber threw into the audience. That is certainly a souvenir to remember this concert, and for you I have the photos after the jump.

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on July 21st, 2015
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YO! SISSY – The Queer Music Festival of Berlin



What happens, when a pair of big nightlife makers of Berlin get together and create something new: Exactly, something bigger! And so goes the story of Sampson who has been running his crazy karaokee nicht Cherry-o-kie now for years and PANSY who has taken Berlin’s party scene by storm with her gay R’n'B party Sissy and her PANSY presents… extravaganzas. Those two crazy kids have teamed up to create YO! SISSY – Berlin’s first queer music festival which is happening this coming weekend from July 24-26, 2015. With a massive line-up of over 50 acts the festival will take over the venues Schwuz, Neue Heimat and SO36 bringing together the diversity and creativity from all over the world onto the stages of Berlin. We are super excited about this new festival because it’s the first of its kind here in Berlin and it’s fresh and edgy and full of potential and we can’t wait for the world to see it. You can expect of course the local heroes of the queer Berlin music scene such as Aerea Negrot, Black Cracker, Evvol, aminus, and the party makers Pet Shop Bears, Mr. Ties (Homopatik), Mauro Feola (Beitola), and Joey Hansom (Boo Hoo), but also international names such as Hi-Fashion, Crystal Waters (yes, the one who gave us 100% Pure Love back in the 90s), Hidden Cameras, Annie and Peaches. After the jump you’ll get a taste of what’s to come with music from our favorite acts, as well as a big mixtape especially compiled in promotion of the festival featuring the music from all the acts mixed by Voin who many of you will know as the maker of the glorious Blitz party. Enjoy and get your tickets for the festival asap!

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on July 19th, 2015
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An Island Escape – 6 Days in Saint Lucia

anse cahstanet2

I truly love Berlin! But sometimes you have to let go of what you love and venture off to somewhere far far away. When I do leave I tend to go to other big cities. This time though fate took me to what can only be described as the opposite of a city: Saint Lucia.

The tiny island in the Caribbean is by far the most remote spot I have ever visited on this planet and a great mind-clearing trip. Not only did I manage to cleanse my mind of all responsibilities at home, but I got my perspectives in order and returned with a new found passion for this gorgeous Berlin.

Head on after the jump to read all about my Saint Lucia Shenanigans…

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on July 18th, 2015
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UdK Rundgang & Summerparty 2015 – Loose Grip

UdK Rundgang & Summerparty 2015 – Loose Grip

photos: Anna Agliardi

The summer party of the UdK – University of the Arts is one of the cultural highlights of the summer. Crazy performances, nice jazz music, outlandish musical singers and of course beautiful art works of the graduating students are just a few of the highlights of this spectacular night. Sadly this year was a bit different than the other years. Most of the ateliers and working studios were closed for public. The students are protesting against the new faculty politic which is having less permanent professors and is working with more guest professors instead. These guest professors are often famous artists with a big name bringing a lot of attention to the university. But of course for the students this PR strategy means also less assistance also during the semester holidays and generally speaking famous artists are not automatically good teachers.

Even if I think the protest has its valuable reasons, I was wondering all night if not showing the work of the students is the best strategy to accomplish anything. The Rundgang is always a perfect platform for the upcoming artists to present their work to the public and to the press. Rejecting this opportunity for a bigger cause is a understandable decision. But as a lot of befriended artists of mine also said: It would have been much more effective to show art and cancel the party instead. Or at least don’t serve alcohol. But this would be crazy, right?

Anyway, we had a good night and enjoyed discovering some artworks and listening to the music and dancing in the magical courtyards of the university. You can still go and discover the artworks of the graduating students and the architects during the whole weekend. All the information and addresses are listed here. Enjoy the photographic impressions of last night shot by Anna Agliardi after the jump.

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on July 17th, 2015
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A Brunch with a Ghost in the Glass

Huevos Rancheros

Geist im Glas, which translates to Ghost in the Glass, is actually a cosy little bar in a side street just off Kottbusser Damm in Neukölln that specializes in infusing spirits with fruits, herbs, nuts and spices to create unique flavors for their long drinks and cocktails. But apart from their nightly business they also open up the place on the weekends during the day from 12-16h to serve an exquisite brunch with some really yummy American-style dishes such as Huevos Rancheros, Biscuits and Gravy and extra fluffy pancakes and some elaborate brunch cocktails that will get you right into the mood for the weekend. To wet your appetite we present you some juicy photos of the brunch after the jump. You know where you can find us on the weekend…

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on July 17th, 2015
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Berlin has still many Walls

Harf Zimmermann - Brand Wand 2

When the word “wall” comes up in any other city in the world it doesn’t really stand out. When it comes up here in Berlin it suddenly gets this super heavy meaning. Yes, the Berlin Wall will forever be a scar that the city is wearing across its heart, in some places more visible than in others. But Berlin has so many more walls than just THE wall. I’m talking about the so-called firewalls or “Brandwand” in German, the walls on the sides of the typical townhouses. Not that they are something specific only to Berlin, but due to the destruction of the city so many of them are visible because houses are missing in the row.

At first site these walls look raw and unintentional, but if you look closely you can see that they sometimes have a kind of footprint that was left by the house that used to be in front of it. It’s like a shadow of the past that won’t go away. Many fire walls look really run down, some have graffiti and tags, others more elaborate and commissioned murals. Some are just painted and clean, and others have received some windows (something that is actually illegal because it defeats the purpose of the fire security).

The German photographer Harf Zimmermann, one of the founders of the famous Ostkreuz photo agency, has dedicated a whole photo book to the most charismatic walls of the city. It’s a beautiful Berlin documentary piece about this lonely and often neglected part of the city. It was released by Steidl last month. After the jump we have a little preview for you.

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on July 16th, 2015
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Why Do Straight Girls Go To Gay Parties

Why Do Straight Girls Go To Gay Parties

From cheap, awesome gays bars such as Möbel Olfe to highly sexual institutions like Lab.Oratory, it is no secret that Berlin’s queer scene has been under the spotlight for a long time now. Considering the fact that parties like Homopatik are causing insanely long queues in front of ://about blank every month, one might be tempted to argue that what was long meant as safe haven for the queer community has slowly become a refuge for straight people wanting to have their cake and eat it too…

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on July 15th, 2015
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Berlin Ich Liebe Dich

Lara Maria Graefen - Berlin Ich Liebe Dich

Today we have a very charming German Berlin song for you by the lovely Lara Maria Gräfen. In her song she sings about the crude, yet irresistible character of the city while walking through it dressed in Augustin Teboul with a bullterrier on a leash. “You speak so many languages, but I don’t understand you. You act like you are honest, but you lie straight into our faces… I still wonder what’s your true face, but you keep your secret to yourself. Berlin, I love you.” She speaks a lot of harsh truths about the city that really make you think, but she is under the same spell that so many of us fall under when coming here. Enjoy the great song after the jump.

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on July 14th, 2015
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Best of Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2016

: Runway Show -  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2016  (Photo: 2-PIX Agency / Johanna Henning / Binh Truong)

Bobby Kolade SS16, photo: Huss/Truong

Today we would like to offer you our juiciest piece of our seasonal Berlin Fashion Week cake: Our favorite collections. We’ve had a great time checking out all the shows and presentations and it was truely a wild and inspiring season. Never before have we seen so much colors and unconventional designs on the runway of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. A big toast to all the designers who have dared to be more progressive and less conformative this summer. Enjoy our highlights after the jump.

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on July 14th, 2015
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