Our First Interactive Game: The Flat Roulette

Flat Roulette Cover

Hello stranger! So you really want to live in Berlin? Getting a room here is such an uphill struggle with high rent, mould, and German bureaucracy that finding the right flatmate is usually left to the workings of fate. Our Flat Roulette game – being a simplified version of this real life scenario – introduces you to some of the most characteristic Berlin personalities and gives you a sneak peak into what you sharing a roof with them will really mean.

The game is a collaboration with illustrator Sophia Halamoda that many of you will know from the Berghain, Real Berliner and Bürgeramt comics. It’s part of our upcoming book “Like A Berliner” that comes out in 2018. Stay tuned for more games!

Click here to play the game!

Michalina by Michalina
on November 28th, 2017
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Where is the Way to the Darkroom?


Location: Berlin. Display Name: What is love?. About Me: Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me. Looking for: No more. Relationship Status: Single.

Remember how I was like: “I’m off dating apps – Yay!” Yeah well, I got weak, I’m human, bear with me. But it’s fine, feeling generally good about myself right now: Bought myself socks with pineapple print, my 4 pack recently became a 5 pack, coconut butter is my latest skin care discovery, and I established a new, successful flirting strategy. When you combine your tendency to creepily stare at someone with a subtle charming smile, and just keep on staring, through all the different stages of weird, creepy, lunatic, and serial killer, respective person of interest can’t help, but finding you kinda cute after all – Success rate: 85% so far. So, as you can see, life is good!

Andy by Andy
on November 27th, 2017
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Tasting the Secrets of American Whiskey in Brandenburg



Last week, we were invited to a special master class about the art and tradition of whiskey serving called Masters of American Whiskey. The two-day programme was organized by the three whiskey brands: Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve and Gentleman Jack.  They created a unique course and competition to teach German bartenders about the art of whiskey.

For us non-bartenders, it was exciting and educational to deep-dive on such a specific topic. but for the 60 young bartenders who attended the event, it was serious business. Luckily for us, it felt merely like observing a final test of a big exam, whilst casually sipping on barrel-aged libations.

From the history of whiskey making to the ins and out of crafting good whiskey cocktails, we learned about the depth of history of this classic liquor and breadth of its aromatic qualities. The location of the event was atmospheric, to say the least- an old manor house from the 18th century, situated on a lake, just a bit outside Berlin- there was lots of  prussian flair going on.

Below we gathered some insights from the whiskey master class and photographic impression from the event.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 24th, 2017
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Rebuilding the Holocaust Memorial in front of the Home of Björn Höcke


The Holocaust Memorial right in the center of Berlin is definitely a controversial sight. From tourist taking selfies on it for their Tinder(or Grindr)-Profiles to right-wing politicians calling it a monstrosity, the poor memorial has received quite a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. But we have to bring you a tremendous news. The Memorial is not alone anymore because since yesterday a second Holocaust Memorial was build right in front of the home of Björn Höcke. Who is the horrible right-wing politician that insulted the memorial in the first place.

In just one day the Zentrum für Politische Schönheit (Center für Political Beauty), the artist collective responsible for the idea, collected almost 80 000 EUR donation via crowdfunding to build this memorial exceeding their goal way ahead of time.

Of course, this provocation by the Berlin-based collective which is well known for its cool but always controversial art projects is already targeted by angry Nazis that want to get rid of it.  Let’s hope they won’t succeed and that the memorial stays there for quite a while. Chapeau to this funny and very disruptive way of using art for political protest.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 23rd, 2017
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How I “found myself” in Berlin

Finding Yourself by Keith Telfeyan-033334

photos: Keith Telfeyan

People say Berlin is a city of lost souls. You can feel the drifting energy, black-clad and disembodied, the streets at all hours full of ghosts and zombies… There’s a prevalent zeitgeist of Sisyphean searching. You can drink cheap beer all day, never opening your eyes beyond what is necessary to obey the crosswalk signs. You can cut off all contact, drift away into total obscurity. Berlin: where young people retire, or: How to disappear completely.

Of course you can also get a job, start a family, normalize just like anywhere else. But there is a difference in Berlin… And first, in order to find yourself, you have to lose yourself, or at least recognize that you are lost. It tends to be a theme in this town.

Keith by Keith
on November 22nd, 2017
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Berlin Foodie Guide: Food Experiences that match your Mood

Vegan in Mitte 4


Last year, our most attentive readers must have already spotted the collaboration with Priceless Berlin – the platform for unique experiences by Mastercard – that we did in the form of culinary, crafty, and adventurous Berlin Guides. This year we’ve come together with Priceless Berlin again, namely for the brand new Berlin Foodie Guide – a new platform devoted to culinary experiences in Berlin. The result of our work stands out amongst other similar ventures – in contrast to any typical guide, the Berlin Foodie Guide is designed to cater to our reader’s various moods and occasions with carefully curated stories.

Michalina by Michalina
on November 21st, 2017
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How to Spend 7 Days in Berlin

7 Days in Berlin

Our team is made up of full time Berlin lovers that are dedicated to the cause – over the years, we have sacrificed both our sleep and social life to keep tirelessly exploring our urban jungle and provide you with tips on the most diverse aspects of the city’s lifestyle. Following our desire to get fully immersed in the Berlin state of mind, we’ve bravely entered some strange territories, like Berghain or even Zehlendorf, therefore compiling a pretty comprehensive guide for the city insiders. But if you’re not ready to commit just yet and only have a limited number of days to spend here – we’ve created this ultimate, one of a kind guide to a 7 day adventure featuring all the essential spots to make your Berlin fling into a lasting memory.

Click here for our 7 Days in Berlin Guide!

Michalina by Michalina
on November 20th, 2017
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Be Part of the Human Chain in Berlin to Save the Whole World!


Sometimes Berlin is such a tolerant and peaceful place to live that we tend to forget how fucked up certain things really are. I mean, of course, there are many terrible and dangerous things going on (climate change, terrorism, HIV and so on). But certain things are beyond bad. They are so bad that we can’t even believe that they actually exist and are a real threat to us. I am speaking about nuclear weapons, which became more like an abstract concept in the last 25 years of the end of the cold war (at least on European soil).

But nuclear weapons are absurdly real and in times of Trump and Kim Jong-Un they get even closer to our privileged peaceful lives. This Saturday there is an incredible opportunity to fight them here in Berlin. ICAN - the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons who won the Nobel Peace Prize this year are organizing a Human Chain between the Embassy of North Korea and the US-Embassy. I had a little chat with the Board Member of ICAN Germany, Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm, born and raised in Berlin, about the protest and why we should all show up there.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 17th, 2017
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Dancing in the Neon Forest – Memory of Dislocation

Dancing in the Neon Forest – Memory of Dislocation

Berlin has become the home of many performance artists from around the world that find a space, opportunities, and connections here to create their own work. I often sit in the audience of these performances, and for me it feels like a privilege to be in contact with their creators. Listening and experiencing their stories from a foreign world is a unique way of traveling – more than anything else (of course with a little help of your imagination).

The dancer and choreographer Jair Luna takes you on journey to his homeland Colombia with his new solo piece Memory of Dislocation – Exactly the same in the opposite direction. In an abstract autobiographic narrative the young performer travels with his audience through light, space and time, from a Berlin dance floor to a forest of neon lights that seems like a beautiful yet dangerous cage, just to fall back in movements and stories from his hometown and childhood. You immediately feel like you are part of his storyline. You have to give up the passiveness, walk around the stage and just follow the path of a young man into his future.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 17th, 2017
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5 Hot Activities for Cold Berlin Nights

Stadtbad Oderberger Hotel Pool Berlin-5352

Probably the most dreaded characteristic of Berlin is its continental climate – especially the ruthless winters. It feels like many expats would happily switch from a full-time residency to summer guest appearances – but as avowed Berliners, we have a bunch of strategies to cope with the cold and make sure you enjoy our beautiful Hauptstadt all year round. Read on to find out what keeps us warm and entertained!

Michalina by Michalina
on November 16th, 2017
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