Räume 2 – An Amazing Group Exhibition in an Abandoned Iron Foundry

When it comes to art exhibitions Berlin is never short on surprises. Of course, especially on the occasions of the Gallery Weekend or Berlin Art Week there are countless presentations of art that will leave you in awe. What I especially enjoy are those exhibitions that use before unseen locations that are so impressive to see that they themselves become part of the art.

This is the case for the new edition of the Räume exhibition concept. In 2016 they took over an old insurance building in Kreuzberg and gave every artist their own room. This year the organizer (and exhibiting artist) Alina Mann found an impressive new space, that I never even heard of before, which is this huge abandoned iron foundry on Berlin-Reinickendorf. This space is not unlike the many other former industrial compounds of Berlin that got a second chance of life or temporary use. But the iron foundry has its very own unique character thanks to some of the machinery still left inside and the very unique and mysterious state of decay of the building that creates an almost haunting atmosphere. It makes discovering the art inside a bit like searching for the ghosts in the dark corners.

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on September 25th, 2018
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10 Highlights of the Berlin Art Week 2018

Lee Bul, photo: Maxie Fischer

The current (already seventh!) edition of the Berlin Art Week (26th to 30th Sept) is enticingly lurking around the corner! Get ready for a few days full of exhibitions, performances, and other special events that will undoubtedly astonish you with the abundance of creative endeavors going on in this vibrant city. You can check out the full program here, but since the number of all the events is quite staggering, we’ve chosen some highlights that we consider especially worth your while – get a sneak peek into Berlin’s creative extravaganza below:

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on September 23rd, 2018
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Here’s What You Can Do To Fight Against Racism

Political activism made easy: Sassy YouTuber and witty digital activist Tarik Tesfu picks five social projects against racism and xenophobia that need your financial support right now.

Tarik has been bopping around the web since 2015. As a self-proclaimed “gender-messiah” and “do-gooder” the young Berliner vlogs about gender equality, LGBTQI*rights and racism in Germany in weekly shamelessly spot on and self-ironic videos. As a German gay man of color his politically incorrect, razor-blade lingo served with a charming smile on top does, however, not only gain him fans.

Let’s just say, the comments on his YouTube-channel can get pretty ugly. Apparently, it’s: love Tarik or hate Tarik and nothing in between. Take the hate and turn it into a “Weil wir dich haten, Tarik-Heul-Mimimi-Hymne” (the “Because we hate you Tarik-Whine-Mimimi-Anthem”), is Tarik’s response to that. Even if you don’t understand German, that’s pretty hilarious.

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Get to Know Berlin’s Best Wine Bars at the Day of the Open Wine

photo: Deutsches Weininstitut – Sponsored

Berlin has the fantastic reputation of a multicultural melting pot that is brimming with plentiful international influences in every area of life, from arts and culture to food and drinks. And while we remain grateful to live in a place where authentic alcoholic beverages from all corners of the world are readily available, we’re excited for the “Day of the Open Wine” – a unique occasion to dig into – or maybe rather drain up – a topic that we all might have previously slightly neglected, namely: German wines!

The “Day of the Open Wine” (Tag des offenen Weins) is part of the nationwide event “WeinEntdecker-Wochen” and is coming to Berlin for the very first time on the 22nd of September from 14:00 to 18:00. It’s a real treat for all the wine lovers out there – just for 5 EUR, you’ll be able to discover three different German wines. Over 30 wine shops all over town are participating – and below, you’ll find our curated guide to 6 of them. Call up your buddies and take a relaxing afternoon stroll through Berlin – with such delightful stops along the way, who knows where you might end up?

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Night Out – A New Berlin Nightlife Movie

Berlin’s infamous nightlife never ceases to inspire filmmakers from all over the world it seems. After big hits such as Berlin Calling, Victoria, and B-Movie now comes a new attempt to capture the one thing that seems to be the city’s main trademark. With Night Out, Greek director and screenwriter Stratos Tzitzis is – more than the previous three examples – focussing on the more lustful aspects of the nightlife. At least that’s the impression you will get from the trailer.

A colorful mix of characters wonders off into the night from house parties and Späti session, over sex shop visits and street parades, to tango sessions by the river and underground punk concerts, and last but not least they end up at the frivolous KitKat Club with way less clothing on than at the beginning of the night.

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on September 17th, 2018
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Berlin, We Have A Problem – It’s Time To Stand-Up Against the Far-Right

photo: Dominik Pascal

While right-wing populism is spreading over Europe like a virus, we have to ask ourselves, is Berlin still the liberal and international safe haven we thought it is? Do we keep on doing what we’re doing or is this our wake up call?

Berlin doesn’t have a nationality. My next-door neighbor is originally from Slovenia. The flower shop in my house is owned by a lovely Korean lady. My Späti is run by a quirky mid-forties guy who was born in Romania and I buy my favorite Döner from Muhammad who grew up at Kotti but still visits the rest of his family in the East of Turkey twice a year. Every time I jump on the U1, I hear five different languages, but that never made me assume they were spoken by foreigners. These people live here. Nationality: Berlin(!?)

While knowing that I live in Germany, that’s what I always liked to tell myself…

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Abstract Intensity – Win Tickets for the new Staatsballett Piece Celis/Eyal


The new season of Staatsballett Berlin just started last Friday with the premiere of Celis/Eyal. The last names of the two choreographers contributing to this evening of contemporary dance form the title of a very diverse dance-performance.

The Belgian choreographer Stijn Celis created a piece called Your Passion is Pure Joy to Me about many little love stories. Playful and approachable this piece never loses the emotional connection with the audience. With this start, the work of Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar feels like an antagonism to the previous. It takes the viewer to an abstract world where intensity is marking every gesture and every decision. The two pieces are presented in this particular combination for the first time here in Berlin.

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on September 11th, 2018
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10 German Words You Don’t Want to Know

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

It seems to be true for most relationships that after three years you get to notice things about your loved one that you’re just not very much into. And as I find, it’s no different after you’ve lived in a country for this period of time. Germany’s love for rules becomes apparent once you arrive at the airport and notice the line you’re supposed to stand behind while waiting for your suitcase to show up. Once you leave the airport, it may gradually start to dawn on you why is love sometimes synonymous with obsession.

We have chosen 10 German words that come from the field of bureaucracy. Chances are you don’t want to know them, but here there are anyway. You’ll thank us later.

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on September 6th, 2018
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Fvck War! A 10 Inch Penis Statue Made of Molten Weapons

photos: Magali Caillard

This hefty statue is an anti-war protest and a loud, unapologetic celebration of love, which are two things we’re totally into at iHeartBerlin. Better still, there’s more to it than meets the eye – beyond its simple yet enticing form and the significant message, this piece of work will amaze you in more ways than one.

What does the ”Fuck War” statue actually stand for? According to its creators from AKT Jewels, a Geneva-based team consisting of engineers, designers, and craftsmen, it’s supposed to be ”a way to turn war into a laughing stock”. The creators also maintain the piece is inspired by a quote from an iconic figure that incidentally has a special connection with Berlin – Iggy Pop.

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on September 4th, 2018
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A Themed Dinner Full of Love & Pink Harmony with Gordon’s Pink Gin


Last week we had the pleasure to be part of a very unique and very pink dinner event that was hosted by the lovely ladies of This Is Jane Wayne in collaboration with Gordon’s Pink Gin at the charming Rose Garden in Mitte. What was a wonderland of pink delicacies and elixirs for us can be the same for you on the 12th of September when The Pink Dinner will happen for the second time – and this time open to the public. Seats are limited so you better get your tickets quickly here.

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