Clash my Photo! The PHOTOCLASH

Clash my Photo! The PHOTOCLASH

After the CLASHWALL, the big new street art mural at Torstraße, now comes the PHOTOCLASH, another one of the creative Sneaker Clash events by Converse. What is the PHOTOCLASH? It’s your photo turned into a piece of unique art by local illustrators and urban artists, such as Mike Friedrich, Bene Rohlmann, DXTR, Dome, Johannes Mundinger, Blo, Saddo and The London Police. How do you participate? You just have to submityour photo via Twitter with the Hashtag #clashmyphoto and with a tag of @Converse or you go to the PHOTOCLASH Studio at Mein Haus am See at Brunnenstr. 197/198 today or tomorrow night between 18 and 2h to have your picture taken there. How does that look like? Jump over the jump to see it and have fun getting your photo clashed!

Frank by Frank
on April 4th, 2014
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Meat – When your sexual Appetite gets you killed


photos: Matt Lambert

“Don’t talk to strangers!”  said the mother to the little Red Riding Hood. I wonder if nowadays the fairy tale mother would say: Don’t go home with some anonymous Tinder, Grindr or whatever other app date. Social networks have an increasing influence on our sexual behavior. Straight and gay people are chatting, flirting and hooking up more through their smart phones than through live interactions. But what if the stranger connected to you through your phone isn’t just a simple lonely dude but a psycho killer whos intentions are to harm you, kill you and then eat part of your body? What sounds like a plot of a semi-interesting thriller was actual a real live scenario not so long ago.

The 29-year old porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta from Canada is accused of killing, dismembering and eating a Chinese student and uploading the evidence to the internet. He was picked up by Berlin police in the Summer of 2012 at an internet café in Neukölln, center of gay hipsteria. The gay scene was shocked that among them was a predator able to kill. Luka even went dancing the weekend before getting caught at Cocktail d’Amore a party we often recommend here on the blog.

For the upcoming theater festival for new theater F.I.N.D. at the Schaubühne Berlin an extraordinary installation based on the alleged killer will have its premiere. Swedish but Berlin-based director Thomas Bo Nilsson and his team created a large scale installation in the Schaubühne Studio that will be running for 240 hours non-stop day and night. The installation is inhabited by 60 performers, acting in a fragmented universe of both living and commercial spaces. The audience can visit MEAT at any time during the performance. You can buy a ticket for a 4 hour slot where you can come and go as you like. Parts of the installation will be streamed online. We are avidly looking forward to see this incredible pieces as it reminds us of others beloved theater experiences as Club Inferno for instance. More details and a very dark and scary trailer produced by local director Matt Lambert after the jump. Also stay tuned for a detailed review after our visit at the installation .

Claudio by Claudio
on April 3rd, 2014
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The Last Days of Kim Kardashian Party


If you wanna party on Saturday, we know where you got to go! With Kim Kardashian having made it on the cover of fashion bible Vogue by the help of her hubby Kanye West, one might think she has climbed up the fashion olymp to the top. But Kim doesn’t fool us. The next Last Days Party coming Saturday therefore is The Last Days Of Kim Kardashian. Following last month’s Justin Bieber Party this will be an even greater fun and Last Days is giving us the hit guarantee! More on the party at Kreuzberg-based Backyard and how to win guest list here.

Suz by Suz
on April 2nd, 2014
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Visiting the Wemhöner Collection

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 18.06.34

photo: Helmut Newton

I love it when I have to venture out of my comfort-zone districts to discover a new gallery, theater or art space. To visit the Wemhöner Collection that is open to public until May 18, you have to leave Mitte, Prenzlauber Berg and Kreuzberg behind and take a ride to far away Wedding. But the trip is definitely worth the effort. The exclusive insights into the collection will show works from Marina Abramovic, Helmut Newton, Andreas Mühe and many more. Avant-garde photography, light sculptures and impressive video installations curated by Philipp Bollmann will give you a little excerpt into the exclusive taste of the art collector Heiner Wemhöner. But the artworks alone are not the only reason for spending an afternoon in Wedding. The gallery space inside the Osram Höfe will make you gasp because of its sophisticated but rough Berlin style architecture. More impressions and information after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on April 2nd, 2014
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The CLASHWALL Event Photos

The CLASHWALL Event Photos

Last Saturday Berlin’s walls got upgraded with yet another amazing huge streetart mural. This new artwork, a collaboration of street artists Wurstbande, Gogoplata and Rylsee, was put together by many small illustrations based on over 380 submitted ideas and sketches of streetart fans. The finalization of the CLASHWALL was accompanied by an open air party and barbeque that took place in the empty space between two buildings on Torstraße 86 where you can still see the huge piece. I joined the festivities and took some photos that you can enjoy after the jump along with a cool video summery.

This Thursday Converse’s SNEAKER CLASH series goes into the next round with the PHOTOCLASH that is taking place at Mein Haus am See for 3 days. Several local artists will “hack” your own photos that you can submit via Twitter or bring to the event and create little artworks out of them. Sounds fun?! Than head over to the PHOTOCLASH Studio at Brunnenstr. 197/198 from April 3-5 from 18-02h. Enjoy!

Frank by Frank
on April 1st, 2014
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Me – A Television Junkie

club 1.jpg

Although I don’t even own a television, I watch tons of series. Aside from cinema culture and Berlinale the past few months have turned me into a television junkie and I’ve watched multiple series back to back. The third season of Homeland reunited Nicholas Brody and Carrie Mathison on the screen. After the third season of GIRLS I am now officially in love with Adam and last night saw the season and series finale of How I met your Mother, which I will most likely watch in my lunch break at the latest. So what should i watch now? Everything is done, over, out! Do you have recommendations?

And of course if you haven’t watched the above mentioned series: DO IT! Or don’t, because it takes serious chunks of time out of your days….

Lia by Lia
on April 1st, 2014
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Generation Selfie

Alcatel ONETOUCH Unexpected Casting - Naughty

When I look around me in the streams of social media channels of Facebook, Instagram and co. it’s pretty obvious: We are living in the “Generation Selfie”. At first I was a little critical about the aspects of vanity and redundancy that came along with this new trend. But by know I have come to understand this as yet another form of communication of youth culture and our contemporary society…

Frank by Frank
on March 31st, 2014
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Cinéma de Mode: Faces of N.

faces of n

In today’s Cinéma de Mode we have the prelude to artist Gabriel Shalom‘s new project Faces of N., an incredible video which questions the multiplicity of identity and the way clothes express our different personalities. The two-minute prelude portrays Nicole Roscher from the fashion label Von Bardonitz in her personal wardrobe dressing in front of a three-paneled mirror, which reflects a visual counterpoint of images of the different outfits. The video is an introduction to a new live audio-visual performance premiering this spring in Berlin. Check it out after the jump!

Devid by Devid
on March 29th, 2014
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The Urban Greenhouse


The Urban Greenhouse is a wonderful project from Denmark invinted by Line Grüner and produced by Anton Balle that is making its Berlin debut this Sunday at Urban Spree gallery. The 2sqm mobile greenhouse fits two chairs and a coffee table and about 1sqm of ground to grow whatever you like. It’s like a little green garden paradise in a box, on wheels.

Those wheels will make a little tour through Friedrichshain on Sunday and than at 15h will arrive at Urban Spree where it will remain until the end of June. Everyone who is curious about this cool invention is invited to drop by during the tour or at the opening reception at Urban Spree for a chat and some tea. Some more impressions and the details after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on March 28th, 2014
in Friedrichshain

On Fire – On Gender and Tradition


photo: Dorkypark

On Fire is the current program of performances at Dorkyparks’s Studio44 curated by Constanza Macras and Tamara Saphir. They have invited performers from South Africa on the topic of gender and tradition. If you have a look in the gallery of the performances that have already been shown you will see it’s a very diverse and colorful program.

Today we would like to recommend you the two pieces that will be shown tonight and tomorrow starting at 19:30 and 21h. The first one is a dance duett titled Mandioca by Dorkypark’s amazing Ronnie Maciel and South African dancer Lucky Kele. Right after you will see the piece Wena Mamela with and from South African choreographer Mamela Nyamza. A few more details and photos after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on March 28th, 2014
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