Naked Berliners – The Daily Portrait Project


One of the best experiences of coming to Berlin is the opportunity to meet new people. Berlin has so many wonderful people living her or passing through. And for a lot of people who visit or live here this is what makes the city special to them. The openness, the diversity, the beauty of the difference.

For Czech artist Martin Gabriel Pavel it must have felt exactly like that. And he thought to himself: What better way to meet new people in Berlin than taking pictures of them naked. Yes, in any other city you would probably not have a lot of success, but here everything is possible. Daily Portrait Berlin is a kind of chain reaction started by Martin and now living a life of its own. He started the process by taking a picture of Elle in her apartment. Naked. She than took his camera and made a photo of M who in turn took a photo of Jonathan and so on. The next one in line can be a friend or a stranger. He or she doesn’t have to be naked. It could be you. See the first results of the series of 365 photos after the jump and follow the project on here.

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on March 16th, 2015
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Introducing: Years & Years in Berlin

Years and Years - King

I think it’s not an overstatement when you call the band Years & Years the next big thing. Their new single King that has just been released in Germany on Friday is a huge hit in the UK right now, rightly so! When I tuned into the track recently I was totally hooked and the video by Nadia is also really amazing. The band is coming to Berlin next month as part of the Introducing concert series along with the bands Romano and Formation. The concert is going to take place at Bi Nuu on April 23, 2015. You shouldn’t miss it and check out the awesome video to King after the jump, it will make you wanna dance immediately.

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on March 14th, 2015
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Berlin Goods: The Wireless World of Raumfeld

Raumfeld photo by iHeartBerlin

After we featured local products such as molecular popsicles, geometric handbags, home-delivery cocktails, and many more in our series Berlin Goods we have a new one for you which was “born in Kreuzberg, raised in Schöneberg and is now grown-up in Charlottenburg”. It’s probably the most cutting-edge one in our series and we are excited to talk about it here.

RAUMFELD began life as a Berlin startup back in 2008. Led by the motivation to improve the quality of digital sound the founders, Stephan Schulz and Michael Hirsch, developed a high-end wireless speaker system with multi-room streaming. Wow, that goes clearly far beyond the average hand-made design object that you normally come across here in Berlin. Since last year’s opening of the Bikini concept mall Raumfeld presents their pride and glory in their first showroom and boutique inside the new contemporary shopping paradise. We visited them in their store and talked about their impressive systems and speakers and what role the Berliners play in their work.

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on March 13th, 2015
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Brooklyn Street Art goes Berlin



The street art initiative Urban Nation in Schöneberg is setting up for their next big show of art in public. Person of Interest is the title and it’s put together by a group of notable Brooklyn-based street artists from different styles and techniques who are creating portraits in tribute of Berlin, its creative scene and connection to New York. The works are gonna be on display at the Urban Nation headquarters at the windows and fassade of Bülowstr. 7 and 97 starting this Saturday (March 14, 2015). The show runs until June 15. After the jump we gathered some previous works of the participating artists to give you a taste of what to expect. Enjoy!

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on March 13th, 2015
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Skateboarding Berlin – An Homage to Charles Bukowski

Skateboarding Berlin

One topic that we have shamefully almost completely neglected here on the blog is skateboarding in Berlin. We have so many great places in Berlin to skate, not only those specifically set up for it, but also all those urban wastelands of the city that are perfect for it. The Berlin-based filmmaker duo Voe have dedicated their latest short film to skating in Berlin. Their beautiful video is an homage to poet and writer Charles Bukowski and shows some Berlin charme following a skater through the city. Enjoy the film after the jump.

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on March 12th, 2015
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The Teufelsberg Series at Urban Spree


No other abandoned building became such an iconic representative for the mysterious past of Berlin like the former NSA station at Teufelsberg. On top an 80 meter artificial hill (made out of war detruits) in the Grunewald forest on the west edge of the city, this very impressive building is a strong recall of strategic importance of Berlin in the cold war. Several photo excursion, short clips and art projects are proof who much the collective imaginative is empowered by the fading architecture of this place. One really nice artistic dedication to this monument is the Teufelsberg series currently on display at Urban Spree Gallery. It is a set of 19 hand painted originals created by several Berlin street artist on a black-and-white screen print of the iconic Berlin-Teufelsberg landscape designed by Chrisse Kunst. The entire set comes after the jump.

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on March 11th, 2015
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Lifestream: Louis Vuitton Women Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2015


photo: Louis Vuitton by Juergen Teller

Sometimes it is good to leave Berlin behind for a little trip to Paris. This trip will be short and you won’t need to bring bulky luggages. Actually you will only need your handbag (just leave your Jute-Beutel at home please). We are exclusively life streaming the Louis Vuitton Women Show for you designed by fashion genius Nicolas Ghesquiere.

The show starts at 10. Make a cafe au lait, take your seat after the jump and enjoy a front-row view from wherever you are.

Claudio by Claudio
on March 11th, 2015
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The Subways- Walking through Berlin with a Song on your back!


Today we just have a small piece of Berlin eye candy for all of you. We love when the city inspire artists, musicians and creatives from other parts of the Planet in their work. In this particular music video by the british band The Subways, Berlin plays a very important role (also some typical Berlin hipster kids, but who cares about them right?). I love how simple and yet genial the video is shot. Take a look at it after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on March 10th, 2015
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Pornography in Former East Germany


Considering that the GDR was a little bit known for a more liberal attitude towards nudity with all their nude beaches it comes off as a bit surprising that pornography was actually forbidden in former East Germany. Obviously this didn’t stop the people from shooting porn in their own homes and illegally distribute the material along with copies from porn magazines and photos smuggled in from the West amongst each other.

On the public front the GDR had an almost obsessive urge to portrait the healthy and fit bodies of the people of their country, especially their soldiers, in the newspapers and magazines, and did this quite often in a very revealing fashion. These type of photographs became a bit the common material for masturbation for the youth who otherwise had few sources for sexual content of any kind.

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, iconic figure of the queer scene of Berlin in the time of the GDR and founder of the Gründerzeitenmuseum, was one of the few collectors of erotic and pornographic material that was distributed in the former East that made it to the museums and a part from her collection is currently on display in the “GDR” section of the Porn That Way exhibition at the Schwules Museum. We have some of the material for you after the jump. Enjoy and don’t miss the exhibtion that is still running until the end of March 2015.

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on March 6th, 2015
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#iheartfood – WIN with iHeartBerlin and Quandoo


Lately we have dedicated a lot of time and effort writing about restaurants and cafes in our various themed guides about different styles of kitchens or districts of Berlin. And why is that? Because we love food! With all the different creative worlds from fashion, art, music and theater, it’s the one thing that we and our readers can always come back to and agree on: Berlin has some amazing food to offer.

To bring our love for food one step further we have teamed up with the international restaurant reservation service Quandoo to create a blogger challenge that let’s us cherish the food we love the most. For the challenge we are looking for the best stories and most beautiful photos of your favorite ingredient. What’s in it for you? We have one sparkling new KitchenAid Artisan for the lucky winner, the most elegant and popular kitchen device and a must-have for every food lover. Find out more about this delicious competition after the jump.

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on March 5th, 2015
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