11 Awesome Queer Local Businesses That You Should Support

Supporting local businesses has always been a priority at iHeartBerlin, even more so when they are owned by queer folks. Naturally, this has become even more important in times of an ongoing global pandemic. That’s why we’re looking forward to joining the upcoming QUEER Market! There, you will be able to check out creative products from queer designers in a friendly environment implementing all the current safety and health precautions.

For this new guide, we’ve put together some of our favorite local queer businesses and labels. All of them will be part of the Queer Market on Sunday, July 26th, but there will be even more stands for you to explore on the day! iHeartBerlin will also be present with a booth and you’ll be able to get your hands on our books and other products.

Tight Laced


Check out the handmade products by Tight Laced for all your lingerie wishes. Sabrina, the brand’s founder, emphasizes the fact that many of the designs are adjustable to different genders and body types, and encourages everyone to ask about any and all requests regarding custom sizing.


photo: Tight Laced


Rory Midhani


Rory Midhani‘s colorful artwork is a reflection of queer and trans life, which has already gained considerable popularity in Berlin. On the market, you’ll be able to choose from “art prints, postcards, stickers, fridge magnets” and more products featuring Midhani’s bold visual creations.


photos: Rory Midhani




All fashion enthusiasts should check out Remesalt, a Berlin-brand offering sustainable designs. Francisco Remesal, the brand’s founder, elaborates on the ideas that shape Remesalt: “Local, handmade and sustainability are our premise. Genderless our aesthetic. Our handmade creations are romantic with clean-cut lines that bring out the beauty of simplicity. Colorful, textures, patterns, and printings are a constant line in our pieces.”


photos: Remesalt


Lego Sky


If you’re one of those Berliners who make headpieces a staple of their wardrobe, you cannot miss the creations of Lego Sky. The unique Lego Sky headpieces look like wearable artworks. Apart from this undeniable aesthetic value, the headpieces are produced in an environmentally responsible way. As their designer Oleg explains: “My style can be described as affordable upcycled/recycled couture since I make most of my masks from unusual materials, some of which I find on the street. This also means that most of my headpieces are only produced once.”


photos: Lego Sky


Wax Wrap Berlin


Beeswax wraps can truly revolutionize your kitchen. If you haven’t heard about this ecological game-changer yet, you should definitely take a look around the stand of Wax Wrap Berlin. Anna and Chelsea, the brand’s founders, craft every single wrap themselves using organic materials.


photos: Wax Wrap Berlin


Anna Piera Di Silvestre


The explicit designs of the Italian artist Anna Piera Di Silvestre can turn even a plain t-shirt into quite a controversial piece. There will be more accessories with her designs at the market.



photos: Anna Piera Di Silvestre


Dress Your Mind Eyewear


Shades are a must for summer! And we’re in luck because Dress Your Mind Eyewear has some of the coolest designs available. The brand’s owner, Vincenzo Cannone, defines the brand as a: “Berlin-based introspective research in the Most Popular and Iconic Italian Frame designers from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s”.


photos: Dress Your Mind Eyewear




Whether as a gift for a friend or a self-care item, everyone loves hand-made soaps. We love the soaps by Sabun also because of the environmentally responsible way they’re made. As Varun, Sabun’s owner, explains: “I started Sabun six months ago in Berlin to promote awareness about sustainability, fairness and locally made ecological products that we use daily. All my products are vegan/vegetarian, handmade by me and promote zero waste based on ancient principles of Ayurveda.”


photos: Sabun

Lusty Ice


At the Queer Market, you’ll be able to find plenty of explicit products spicing up everyday life. Lusty Ice has the perfect ice cream for Berlin’s sexually liberated crowd. And, it’s worth mentioning that Lusty Ice founder Marc is also the organizer of the Queer Market. Thumbs up for bringing so many queer business owners together for this!


photos: Lusty Ice


Homo Homeware


Homo Homeware offers a range of products for the home featuring the photos of Callum Leo Hughes. These accessories simply cannot go unnoticed in any household.


photos: Homo Homewear




If you’re looking to spice up your outfit with some accessories that usually fit the dress code of Berlin’s fetish clubs, check out Cochaine! The pieces are all hand-made by Svenja, who founded the brand in 2017.


photos: Cochaine


There will be lots more local queer designers, artists, and business owners at the upcoming Queer Market on July 26th starting at 13h at Sage Beach. Keep an eye out on the Facebook event to see which other brands will be present. Come by, say hi, and support your local queers!

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