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Boheme Sauvage - Potsdam

If nostalgia were a party it would certainly be called Boheme Sauvage. We were invited to join the famous and exclusive event and were more then impressed. At the Belvedere Palace in Potsdam we had the pleasure to enjoy a glamorous night out that couldn’t have been more unique. The Venetians would go green with envy. More impressions and a chance to win tickets for the next Boheme Sauvage night after the jump.

Boheme Sauvage - Potsdam

It felt as if we were in a movie. Gorgeous ladies and gents in great wardrobe walking up and down the secret pleasure garden. After a delicious picnic we went on a paper chase with little riddles to solve. On the main stage in the middle of a fountain there was a band singing and playing, erotic dancers with fire and blowers and all kind of decadent pleasures.

Boheme Sauvage - Belveder, Potsdam

The music was a wild mix of styles from the first half of the 20th century, mixed with some new songs recorded in that style, so we had a lot of fun dancing. The last thrill was playing for absinth in the casino. We really have to say thanks to the Boheme Sauvage crew for the invitation. This evening was a pleasure for all senses.

Boheme Sauvage - Belveder, Potsdam

Since we put so much effort into our wardrobe we’re curious who did best. Which outfit do you like most? Please leave a comment below and we will pick someone to have 2 free tickets for the next Boheme Sauvage on September 20 at Grüner Salon.

Boheme Sauvage - Potsdam

Fräulein Rosenstiel & Madame du Mont Croix

Boheme Sauvage - PotsdamBoheme Sauvage - Potsdam

Jacque le Coque & Erik Humboldt


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