Vampires with Southern Accents

True Blood

To me vampires are something that will only interest a certain group. Vampires movies are either goth, gore or tacky, with only a few exceptions. When I heard that Alan Ball, creator of the great tv show Six Feet Under, would turn a book series on vampires into a tv show I was really surprised and sceptical. But what I saw of it convinced me that this is something different, something out of the genre. And I’m sure that True Blood will be worth a bite. More after the jump.

Anna Paquin in True Blood

The show will have its premier on HBO on September 2. It is based on the book series Southern Vampires by Charlaine Harris with whom you can read an interesting interview over at Serienjunkies (in German though). The show takes place in a time where a synthetic blood substance has made it possible for vampires to step out of the shadows and live together with the mortals. It stars Anna Paquin that you might know as Rogue from the X-Men movies. See the trailer below.

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