The Flagship of Kastanienallee

Flagship Store Berlin

Years ago the Flagship Store was the first shop that made the whole Kastenienallee area worth going to for us. Since then a lot of fashion boutiques have settled down in this neighborhood. But the Flagship Store has managed to maintain a very unique character with their selection of young Berlin-based, national and Scandinavian designers. Froks, Hazelnut, Ansoho, Stylein, Slowmo and Butterflysoulfire are only a few of the featured labels. Find out more after the jump.

Flagship Store Berlin

Flagship Store Berlin

This is a list of labels that you can currently get at Flagship Store:

National: Anne Schmuhl, Ansoho, Betty Bund, Bleep, Bombdesign, Butterflysoulfire, Cultivate, Fibrofrisch, Frau Feld, Hazelnut, Hypnosis , Herb, Kaja, Klar Berlin, Marie Piel, Prodotyp, Slowmo, Tausche, z.B. Berlin, Zeha Berlin. International: Chandy N.Y., Froks, Hundräven, Mimi-et-Moi, Rojo Magazin, Stylein.

Flagship Store

Oderberger Str. 53

10435 Berlin

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