Bedways – Pornographize me

Internet and amateur pornography seem to be a hot topic right now as I noticed browsing through my usual sites and blogs. Castor and Pollux discovered an interesting artist working with amateur clips and Amy&Pink made a list of the best sexual Tumblr blogs out there. Well, I am not the porn expert in town but some days ago I met one of the PR ladies of the Berlinale for a beer and she told me that there was a really hot Mitte-hipster-trashy-artsy porn movie from Berlin showed at the Berlinale and that i should definitely write about it. Since I am such a good catholic boy I will definitely not watch Bedways from RP Kahl myself but I assume that there might be some nasty little artsy pigs between our readers who might like Bedways. More images and the trailer of Bedways after the jump.






Synopsis- Bedways:
Director Nina Bader wants to shoot a film about love and sex and invites her actor-friends Hans and Marie for screen tests for a couple of days. For Nina love is not necessarily a matter of emotion – she is rather looking for an authentic depiction of sex. The intimate collaboration turns into experiments with film, love and bodies and finally has an impact on the private relationships between the three of them. It seems that the boundaries between acting and reality begin to disappear.

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