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Ebon Heath at MADE

In Berlin the reality of an artist probably looks pretty much like this: A job as a waiter, a shared apartment with 5 people in Neukölln, a shabby little studio and working materials collected from fleamarkets, backyards and the trash. Not exactly the most inspiring circumstances I would think.

Now imagine this: A spacious white work space on top of Berlin, being surrounded by artists and experts from all kinds of professions, ressources and materials that you desire for your vision. It’s a dream come true for an artist. Only it’s not a dream. This is MADE. A brand new work space for artists in the center of Berlin at Alexander Platz.

Rewind four weeks: I had already heard a lot about this new mysterious place called MADE that was located a few stories below the Weekend Club at Alexander Platz. I just didn’t understand what it was. So, obviously I took the kind invitation of the makers of MADE to find out myself. More after the jump.

The place looks awesome. It’s all white, with a stunning light installation, movable furniture and a beautiful view over the city. (When can I move in?!) Back then two artists were working here. Tadi Rock creating giant glittering popart images and Ebon Heath preparing a quite intriguing installation and performance. I remembered Ebon’s impressive work with typography from an exhibition at the Lucas Callieri Gallery. For his new project he wanted to translate his giant sculptures made out of letters into movable costumes that interact with dancers. I saw the wooden models of it and was absolutely amazed by the idea of it.

Forward to last Saturday: Finally, I got to see the finished results! The whole MADE space was transformed into a stage. In four performances Ebon presented his moving bodyscultures – dancers strapped into typographical constructions, moving with them, moving against them. Each performance was filled with content by talents from other professions: German journalist Tita von Hardenberg, Brooklyn’s finest M.C. Talib Kweli, Iranian poet, feminist and filmmmaker Forough Farrokhzad and Iranian singer Parvin Namazi and last but not least singer/songwriter Max Herre and theatre producer Kevin Rittberger.

It was great seeing those little wooden models coming to life just as the artist had described his vision. I can only hope that MADE will make many other artist visions come true! I’ll definately stay tuned to this exciting place.

The bodysculptures of Ebon Heath can be viewed in a public exhibition at MADE (Alexanderstr. 7) until October 23 daily from 14-18h.

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