Rammstein’s Funeral

Photo: Frédéric Batier

What is the most successful German band outside of Germany? No, it is not Tokio Hotel, and it is not The Scorpions, it is – Rammstein. In fact, they are also the most controversial band. In the past, these boys from East Berlin have done a great job in producing scandals. They played around with Leni Riefenstahl’s aesthetic, they shot porno music videos and did songs about SM. Last week, they celebrated their own funeral in Berlin. A video about it, after the jump.

There was a procession including a horse-drawn hearse, which delivered the original death masks of the 6 band members to a mausoleum. Inside the tomb, the death masks were placed amongst candles and a book of condolence. Like anything else Rammstein does, one should not take this ceremony too serious. At least they never get boring!

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