The Urban Easter Egg Hunt

Tomorrow we’ll be hosting our EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL at the Merkezi, at Adalbertstr. 5/6. We’ll open the doors at 12h to start with late breakfast (waffles, quiches, scrambled eggs, coffee, cake…). In the afternoon the big urban Easter Egg Hunt starts that will give you the chance to get great gifts from and more. A preview of those you can find here.

To help you a little with the Easter Egg Hunt we have some photographic hints for you. There are 6 locations in the proximity of Kottbusser Tor where we are each hiding 3-6 eggs. One of the locations is technically 2 in one, but very close to each other. Some of the photos are only supposed to lead you the way and don’t show the actual hiding place. The eggs will be in little plastic bags to protect them from dirt and rain. They will not be burried in the ground or underneath cars and you don’t have to digg through trash. We picked quite secluded spots to hide them. The eggs won’t be there until tomorrow at 15h.

To give a maximum of people the chance to take part please only take a maximum of 2 eggs per person. When you find an egg, please bring it to Merkezi and you will receive your Easter goodie. The eggs are individualized and numbered, no chance to fool us by bringing your own eggs 😉 All remaining gifts will be raffled off in the evening at the party. Good luck on the egg hunt! Find the hints after the jump on 2 pages!

Location A:

[flickrset id=”72157629397542952″ thumbnail=”original”]

Location B:

[flickrset id=”72157629397551070″ thumbnail=”original”]

Location C:

[flickrset id=”72157629762091015″ thumbnail=”original”]

More locations on page 2!

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