A little Guide to giving Film Presents

It’s Christmas shopping season and nearly everyone seems to be going insane whilst trying to find the perfect last minute gift for their loved ones. Boyfriends, girlfriends and best friends are usually not the problem, but rather those we don’t spend so much time with, like grandparents, little cousins and siblings.

Films are usually a good and safe option, but they should be the right ones.

Here’s my little guide to giving films, that help avoid embarrasment and hopefully makes the presentee happy. Well and if it doesn’t, these are all films that will look great on your shelf…

Blade Runner (D: Ridley Scott, USA 1982)

The Science-Fiction Classic is certainly a perfect gift for most of our dads. It’s an action film, a drama, a love story and the beginning of Ridley Scott’s career.

If your dad has already seen this film a million times, think about giving him the Alien-Collection. That’s still one of my favourite gifts of all time.

I am love (D: Luca Guadagnino, IT 2009)

This beautiful film is for any romance lover or fan of Italy. It does contain a rather explicit sex-scene so it may not be for your grandparents, but moms will surely love this movie.

Tilda Swinton plays the head of the wealthy Recchi family who is a perfectionist, rather cold and distant. When she falls in love with a friend of her son, all previously repressed emotion just pour out of her and no one quite knows what is happening. It’s a very quiet, emotional and poetic film, which captures the story, gestures and protagonists in stunningly beautiful pictures.

Drive (D: Nicolas Winding Refn, USA 2011)

Really this is a good choice for anyone between 16 and 50. Of course with minor restrictions: the receiver must have good nerves and should be able to deal with graphic violence. However this is one of the greatest films of this year and anyone who falls in the category will certainly appreciate receiving this film to watch again and again and again. You can read my full enthusiastic review on Drive here.

To Rome With Love (D: Woody Allen, USA 2012)

Everyone that you decided would not like Drive will like this movie – without them being mutually exclusive. Woody Allen’s latest film is certainly a crowd pleaser. It’s funny, witty and entertaining. A film you can watch with the entire family on Christmas day without anyone getting bored or not understanding what’s going on.

Read the full review here.

Little Miss Sunshine (D: Valerie Faris / Jonathan Dayton, USA 2006)

What goes for Woody Allen also goes for Little Miss Sunshine. You can watch this whenever, wherever and if it’s with your little cousins or your grandparents everyone will have a smile on their faces by the end.

Little Olive wants to take part in a beauty pageant and drives to the contest with her grandfather, parents, brother and uncle. The weird family goes through heaven and hell on their trip and Olive is plain hilarious.

John Cassavetes Collection

If you know someone that’s really into film and you just don’t know what he hasn’t seen yet try Cassavetes. He’s a grand master of gesture and affect from the 70s whom every cineaste either loves or doesn’t yet know. Opening Night, Faces, Gloria or A woman under the influence are some of his pieces you won’t forget once you’ve seen them.

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