The Party Prostitutes

Berlin is a slut! We knew that already. But what I recently found out is that even the one thing that Berlin is most famous for is not free of prostitution: Parties.

In this city there are three kinds of party people. The ones who can have fun for (almost) free, those who have to spend at least 300 Euro a night to even start to feel a little fun and excitment and the ones who get paid for having fun in the right place at the right time. If you are interested to learn more about the last group I mentioned follow me after the jump.

Party Sluts

I was not so much into partying this year for Berlin Fashion Week. Just the idea of standing in line for hours just to get into any fashionista-overcrowded location gave me cramps. The rest of the city instead seemed to be overexcited to participate in any festivity the week of fashion could offer.

But not every party seems to have the expected success. By the masses of free drinks served and cool bands playing there is quite the battle going on between the different fashion events. Whois throwing the best fashion week party? Desperate meassures for desperate times. I was still quite shocked hearing about this story: I  friend of mine, a performer and dancer, got booked to go to several parties during Fashion Week for 150 Euro each, just to go there and have fun. He was not asked to do anything special, but just to have a good time at a certain party. It seemed that the party organizers where so afraid of not having enough fashionable people showing up that they just bought some. In my eyes this is real party-prostitution.

Party Sluts

This party prostitution gets even more absurd when you consider that most models at Fashion Week get way less money for doing shows than for going to parties. Even a lot of D-list celebrities just get the same amount of money to appear at a certain event. So apparently Berlin sells out in its prime profession. And even if we all loose our jobs we might still survive just by becoming party prostitutes, having fun when people ask us to. Or maybe not.

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