Baby In Our Wildest Moments

They say Berliners cannot get too excited over things. They’re too busy being cool. True, when it comes to Jessi Ware I can hardly hold myself yelling what an amazing artist this woman is. I want to cry and turn the inside of my heart to the outside an… of course I’d never do that. Wildest Moments slows down time, it is so intense. But Jessi Ware’s 2012 album Devotion contained other great pieces such as Running or Sweet Talk, but you guys listen yourself further down. Oh, you bubblegum Rihannas, Keishas and what else there is, will you put your head in the ground just like an austrich when listening to Jessi Ware? Will you be ashamed at the sight and sound of real sensitivity? I got my personal thing going with the woman and her Wildest Moments anyway, triple heart it.

By the way, she will be in Berlin on the 26th of March, playing at Astra. Go and throw flowers at her, will you. And if you start crying, will you think of me?

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