It all started with a tribute party to self destructive Lindsay Lohan almost three years ago. After that first night it was clear that there had to follow more. Since than Britney, David Hasselhof, Axl Rose, Posh Spice and Miley Cyrus have been celebrated. This time it is no less than 80s sex symbol and weirdo – scientologist Tom Cruise. Join the Last Days of Tom Cruise party at Backyard Club in Kreuzberg, which is always a big fun. Grab your welcome shot and a Tom Cruise mask and dance the night away. More about the party, the djs favourite tracks and how to win 2×2 guestlist places after the jump:

From oscar nominee, bar shaker in Cocktail, jet pilot in Top Gun, to Rain Man and vampire in Interview with the Vampire, nicole Kidman’s ex-husband and now weirdo scientologist Tom cannot get over it: the good days are gone. These are the Last Days of Tom Cruise we’re celebrating. Top Gun or Scientology outfit may be rewarded at the doors. Djs such as Engtanzkavlier known from Picknick Club, Mis-Shapes Johannes D. Täufer, King Size Barchef Quid Haden and more will make you sweat for sure.

To win one of the 2×2 guestlist places, just join the Facebook event and post why you deserve to be on the list. Last Days of Tom Cruise, Saturday 14th of September, 24.00 im Backyard, Gitschinerstr. 22 / U – Prinzenstr. To learn more about the party visit the web page.

Dj choices for Last Days of Tom
Johannes D. Täufer
Quid Haden
Alex Sportelli

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on September 10th, 2013
updated on September 11th, 2013
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