Berlin Art: Project M/4 Review – Open Air Gallery & Pop-Up Show

photos: Henrik Haven

Since Saturday Schöneberg’s Bülowstraße offers some real eye candy for lovers of urban art: Urban Nation invited 10 artists from around the globe to utilize the shop windows and facade of a large house that is mostly unoccupied. The result is an outdoor gallery with incredible works by artists like Alexis Diaz (aka La Pandilla), Glenn Barr, Nosego, the Lowbros, Word to Mother, C215 and many more. This is already the forth manifestation of “Project M/”, a temporary art project. And there is even more art to be found just across the street at the Urban Nation office (No. 97): The pop-up show “LAX/TXL” opened on Saturday as well with works of the 11 artists of Project M/4 PLUS a roster of more than 50 additional artists. The exhibition is opened until mid July and also Project M/4 will remain installed until at least then. More information and also the artists at work and their final works can bee adored after the jump! Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4Project M/4

“Again and again I am impressed, how well the artists connect with each other during the project phase and how spontaneous collaborations are born right there. The creative force that motivates everyone involved – also the whole team here – is just incredible,” says the Yasha Young, who is the Urban Nation director and also developed the Project M/ concept. For this fourth issue Young teamed up with Andrew Hosner of L.A.-based Thinkspace Gallery as a curator. This connection from Berlin to L.A. also explains the title of the accompanying pop-up show ‘LAX/TXL’ with 65 artists that gives a truly intense insight of the growing movement of Contemporary Urban Art. Attention, collectors! You can also buy one of the 16×16 inch (41×41 centimeter) pictures, but you need to be quick as the opening night already ended with a lot of red dots underneath the pictures…. If you want to take a glimpse beforehand you can find all artworks at But be aware that you probably won’t discover the full depth and beauty of the pictures in a digital image – a visit in real life is always better. Responsible for Urban Nation and Project M/ is the municipal housing company Gewobag, who is also the owner of the building transformed by Project M/4. Urban Nation is a creative home for artists and encourages creative exchange of artists and Berliners with workshops, events, exhibitions and social projects. August will see the next installation of Project M/5… Facts: LAX/TXL POP-UP SHOW at Bülowstraße 97, Berlin, Germany On view: May 19th – July 12th 2014 (Mo-Fri, 10-18h) featuring 16×16 inch works by 65 international artists, i.e.: Alex Yanes, Bec Winnel, Brian M. Viveros, Dabs Myla, Glenn Barr, Yosuke Ueno URBAN NATION presents PROJECT M/4 curated by Andrew Hosner / Thinkspace Gallery featuring: Dabs Myla, Alexis Diaz, Andrew Shoultz, C215, Curiot, Fernando Chamarelli, Glenn Barr, Joao Ruas, Low Bros, Nosego, Word To Mother

Text: I HEART BERLIN guest author Urban Nation

About Urban Nation: URBAN NATION brings together artists that shape and enrich urban spaces in neighborhoods in every corner of the world and around the globe. It is a unique vision with the goal to support renowned and up-and-coming contemporary artists alike as well as cities and their inhabitants. By hosting workshops, events and exhibitions in a non-profit public space, it promotes community, participation and creative exchange.

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