The 10 Best Menswear Collections of Berlin Fashion Week

photos: Mercedes-Benz Fashion & Peek&Cloppenburg

In my eyes this Fashion Week edition was outstanding. Throughout the week I took a look at most of the Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collections presented during Berlin Fashion Week, picked my 10 favourite collections and rounded up two of the best looks from each. All the looks seemed very accessible to me with a high wearibility factor and a strong sporty vibe. Even though designers played with different fabrics, shapes and designs, it is quite easy to identify a few strong trends for next summer. Overall the creations were very relaxed and in neutral colors white, black and grey and just the occasional pop of bright colours in the different shades of blue and red. Check out the key pieces from Berlin Fashion Week’s strongest menswear collections and start looking for inspiration for new outfits after the jump!  

Matteo Lamandini

The winner of the Designer for Tomorrow Award Matteo Lamandini presented a spectacular grown-up menswear collection with eye-catching pieces, which mixed complex design with simple lines and tartan patterns in the shades of red, grey and black. The young Italian designer was undoubtedly looking for high quality apparel with a cool and edgy vibe, and his collection is by far the best I’ve seen in a long time.

Julian Zigerli

If there is one thing you cannot accuse Swiss designer Julian Zigerli of it’s monotony. This season the designer played with new textures and bright combinations coming up with a strong and beautiful SS15 collection. All the looks were playful and sexy, from sportswear to bright toned suits to swimwear, mostly accessorized with sunnies and bags. The highlights? Undoubtedly the experimental prints and all those sexy briefs à la speedo.


Swedish design duo Odeur spiced up the concept of rigid menswear with some new summer creations which combined the classic tailoring and sophisticated white and black minimalism with avant-garde sportswear. Overall, the collection was very creative and advanced. The designs, the colours, the fit, everything about it was pure perfection.

Vladimir Karaleev

Vladimir Karaleev was an unexpected surprise. I loved the color palette and the way he incorporated a sporty vibe with sophisticated details and relaxed elegance. It was a functional ready- to-wear collection with modern and relaxed looks and a healthy dose of creativity and fun. His creations definitely keep getting stronger, he surely knows what he does, and he does it with a great sensibility.

Sissi Goetze

Whether you want to dress up or dress down, Sissi Goetze has the perfect outfit for you. Her new SS15 collection has a very refined approach, and includes elegant and minimal looks with elaborate cuts and fabrics in the shades of grey, burgundy and white. The tailoring looked divine and the monochromatic looks are all I ever wanted.


Young label Vektor sent some very sportive elegant and modern looks onto the runway. Without trying to be revolutionary their contemporary designs spiced up with the clever jewellery from Woman.made turned this collection into a pleasant surprise for me. I loved the colors and the kind of informal modern update which makes the looks unusual and somewhat special. Definitely a must have!

Hien Le

Berlin-based designer Hien Le brought a timeless and modern collection with minimalist touches and high-quality basics, in soft and hard fabrics.The fit of the runway looks was perfectly proportioned and looked comfortable and classic. For Hien Le Summer 2015 comes with relaxed and easy to wear essentials in light and pastel colors which are stunning to watch and perfect to wear.

Barre Noire

Barre Noire‘s collection was a stunning explosion of floral prints, colors and conceptional forms. His menswear looks were all very youthful and urban, and included we black, navy blue, cream, cuffed sleeves and high collars shirts. I need them all, I want them all!


Designer Daniel Blechman embraced once again the urban nature of menswear aesthetic with a distinctive SS15 collection. The colour schemes focused on mainly warm dark greys, hues and black, whilst the fashion and edgy models transmitted a sense of power and coolness. The collection was really put together nicely, and there are definitely a few looks you won’t forget.

Kilian Kerner

Last but not least, Berlin-based designer Kilian Kerner presented bold and edgy looks with remarkable designs in neutral colours. All the presented outfits were very contemporary, versatile and masculine and their sexyness definitely makes them stand out from the crowd. It was a great looking collection and yes, I would love to wear it all!

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