Murals of Berlin: Wall Dialogue

Peachbeach, Urban Spree, 2014

Berlin is a mecca for street art murals, thanks to its many abandoned places and empty fire walls all over town. Obviously this attracts many artists who come here to find huge canvases for their work and a freedom of expression that they might not have where they come from. In Berlin the people have an openness, even an eagerness for all the different genres of art and they especially enjoy it when it’s out in the public for everyone to see. I think I have never been in another city in the world where street art murals have achieved a similar status as the normal sights of a city that people come to see here.

Wall Dialogue was a group exhibition at Neurotitan Gallery that showcased the work of 11 graffiti and street artists from Berlin (and one guest artist) who are mainly known for their large-size murals here in Berlin but also work in other cities all over the world. We have checked up on the artists and collected some of their murals here in Berlin, some of which still exists while others have been painted over already. Enjoy our new set of amazing artworks on the walls of Berlin after the jump.

Johannes Mundiger, Teufelsberg, 2012

Twone, Klosterstrasse, 2014

Rylsee & Vidam, Urban Spree, 2013

Addison Karl with Roma, Paola Delfin andYoh Nagao, Berlin, 2014

LOOK (The Weird), Berlin, 2015

LOOK (The Weird), Berlin, 2014

Addison Karl with James Bullough, Landsberger Allee, 2014, photo: Just

Falk Land, Cassiopeia, 2012

Blo, Stattbad Wedding, 2014

Addison Karl with Jarus, Berlin, 2014

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