How (un)welcoming is Berlin for Expats?

As you know our beloved Berlin is a huge favorite for many people in the world to migrate to for career or leisure. In the last 5 years we had such an influx of newbies that it has changed the face and pace of the city a lot. The term “Expat” has grown into a whole lifestyle and has become an inspiring and interesting part of life in Berlin. Many of those who come and visit Berlin instantly fall in love and want to stay here. But living here is of course another thing as visiting. So how welcoming or unwelcoming is Berlin actually compared to other places in the world?

InterNations, the largest global network and information site for people who live and work abroad,  just published their annual survey about the living situation and happiness of expatriates. For that they asked more than 14,300 expatriates representing 170 nationalities and living in 195 countries or territories to rate and provide information on various aspects of expat life, as well as their gender, age, and nationality. The ratings of the individual factors were then used to draw up the favorite expat destinations, but also to rank the friendliest nations. Well, which rank do you guys think Germany took? You’ll find the interesting results after the jump…

As you might have guessed already – Germany is not necessarily seen as the most welcoming country to foreigners – only reaching rank number 53 out of 64 countries. With Myanmar being on top, a huge success for the South East Asian country, that was an pariah state for a quarter century and only recently opened up to foreigners visitors and residents. But a choice we can definitely support as well, because we heart Myanmar.

Most Welcoming Countries for Expats 2015 - infographic

The ranking of the Top Expat Destinations is a little different, due to more factors being included. In 2015 the top ten are Ecuador, Mexico, Malta, Singapore, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Thailand, Panama, Canada, and Australia, with Germany being on rank number 16.

Top Expat Destinations 2015 - infographic

Not to bad, but then again: Berlin is not Germany and we’re sure if our favorite city was ranked by itself, the results would have been different, right?!

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