With Eyes of Wonder: Exploring Berlin as a Child

photo: Robert Agthe / CC

Experiencing your surroundings, the world, a particular place is always a very personal experience.
A place, city or even room can be encountered and told differently, depending on who experienced it. Which is why it’s always interesting to see and hear how others perceived the world. How they felt about certain streets, stores or details.

Eaglewood Films recently came out with a nice short film featuring Berlin. The motion designer and visual effects editors published “Moments of Berlin”, a nice short film that features a little boy during his first adventures in the capital. From his first flight to Berlin, to his first kebab in the city – the clip shows his every step in an almost soothing manner. As a viewer, this special perspective of the capital is not only heartwarming but also eye-opening – to another point of view. See the clip right after the jump.

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