If Walls Could Talk: The New Meat Mural in Berlin

photos: Million Motions Medienproduktion

“If walls could talk…” This was the topic of the call for submissions for a giant new mural in Berlin that initiated the creation of 396 designs from almost 60 countries around the world. Talenthouse Kreativplattform chose out of the innovative and highly diverse submitted material the work of Marcus Haas and turned it into a mural with the help of the art group Xi-Design and the artists Size Two and Mario Mankey. The mural depicts a chunk of meat being cut in two by a knife engraved with the phrase “Berlin 1961-1989¨. It, thus, tells Berlin’s most defining story. Marcus Haas clarifies that the division of the meat into two parts refers to the division of the city into East and West Berlin from the emergence of the wall in 1961 through its fall in 1989. Taking a closer look one will be able to notice the different districts of the city vaguely drafted on the meat. You will find the mural opposite the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Straße for a limited duration of 3 months.

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