Galaxy Gallery 360: Review & Interviews

Konrad Langer

On Wednesday this year’s Instagram exhibition by Samsung opened in Bikini Berlin; this time with the theme “360°” which was reflected in various forms. The works of 20 talented German Instagrammers can be admired here until the 5th of September 2016. The theme 360° is recognizable in all images. The Samsung Snapshooters were free to interpret it however they wanted to, so they the theme was treated in quite diverse ways in the photos. For four works there are also 360° videos available, which you can watch with the Gear VR headset; they demonstrate how the respective photos were taken.

During the exhibition that was curated by Joachim Baldauf, we talked with two of the exhibited Instagrammers about the new 360° technology and the Instagram community. Some of the impressions we got from the Galaxy Gallery 360 Exhibition and our interview with Konrad Langer (@konaction) and Thomas Kakareko (@thomas_k) can be found below.

When you’ve been taking pictures in Berlin for years, do you ever run out of motifs? Does Berlin ever become boring?

Konrad: Yes, you could say that. As a motivated Instagrammer, you can easily capture all the typical Instagram locations in Berlin in a month. Afterwards, it has more to do with your ability to keep your photos and style constantly updated, maybe to think about what you want to represent and how you can use the surroundings – the city – for that. I try to transform my images into something extraordinary, either through the inclusion of people, special perspectives or the use of light and shadow. This also prevents arbitrariness and boredom. Nonetheless, I am much more inspired and motivated to take pictures when traveling, but I think this applies to many Instagrammers.

Should every photographer have an account on Instagram?

Thomas: Definitely, yes. One could very well argue, how an account should look like and what they want to achieve through that, but every photographer should at least be present on Instagram.

Thomas Kakareko

Are 360° photos the future of photography? Where are we headed in this area?

Konrad: A very exciting question, the answer of which could be elaborated in a whole essay. I believe that there is a greater use and demand of 360° content in the course of the development of virtual reality. However, I could never imagine that the classic photography could ever be replaced due to the expansion of VR or AR technology. I consider 360° content more valuable for videos anyway.

Thomas: Through the 360° movement we definitely got a grip on another, exciting tool. This creates a whole new kind of content, that is addressed to new target groups. The obstacles are definitely higher than at ordinary smartphone photography. Before creating any 360° content one needs an idea and a concept. It is not enough simply to get out of the house and start taking pictures, but it is precisely this circumstance that makes it so exciting for me. Whether 360° content prevails depends at the end only on its quality. If you take a look at the first steps now you are already able to see the great potential.

Which places would you like to capture in 360°?

Thomas: I am particularly interested at extreme situations, such as the creation of 360° content with a drone or a vehicle.

Konrad: I can imagine that Hong Kong’s urban canyons would be a great theme for 360° content.

#communityfirst – What does community mean for you in the context of Instagram?

Konrad: In order to be successful on Instagram, it helps immensely to be actively engaged in the global Instagram community. When I go traveling nowadays, I often get the chance to see the city with the help of local Instagrammers. Often it happens the other way around as well. I receive messages almost daily from people who visit Berlin asking me for a meet up or a short sightseeing tour. When I have time, I accept with pleasure. This way I made way more than 100 contacts all over the world; some of these have even developed into friendships. This would have never happened without Instagram.

Thanks for the support by Samsung

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