Please Vote

There will be a lot of people who will not go to vote on Sunday. For those, who are wondering “For What?” right now, let me remind you that on the 24th of September the national elections 2017 will take place. It is true that there is a myriad of legitimate-sounding arguments against bothering to care about it.

Granted, the results will not have tremendous consequences on an international level, like e.g. the American elections for the presidency. The local character of such elections creates, thus, to quite a few people a sense of exhaustion and indifference, which leaves them wondering what the point of it all is.

To make matters worse, the numerous posters hanging for the past month all over the city are rather annoying the people aesthetically than encouraging them to vote. Furthermore, ignorance plays a significant role since it leaves even those who would think of casting their ballot on Sunday contemplate for hours what the best alternative would be. This is not a piece on what to vote, it is simply supposed to highlight its paramount importance.

One could write a whole series of books stressing the importance of voting at any occasion. Besides being a right that humankind has shed blood and fought for over centuries, the elections in 2017 are going to decide the course for Germany for the next 4 years to come. While the outcome might not bring up life-changing consequences for the rest of this world, it will definitely matter for the future of our country and of course also Berlin.

It is understandable that everybody could come up with at least ten other activities that are way more interesting than voting on an idle Sunday. It is also hopeless to think about the insignificance of the individual vote nowadays. However, the world is not perfect and the days of direct democracy -excluding the case of Switzerland- are long gone. This does not mean that people should turn to apathy and wait until they die by watching Netflix and discussing where they will go partying next weekend.

If you want to be a vital part of the country you are living in, vote, even you think that every candidate is a waste of your time. Just go and vote and pick someone, that does not embarrass you by their mere existence or their poster, or at least set your vote against the right-wing parties. Should you not vote, no moral police will arrest on the grounds of this one, but doing so you lose the right to complain about anything that concerns the city. After all, you would not have done anything to change it in the first place…

P.S.: Invest a few minutes of your time in doing a quick test in order to find out which party embraces your political ideas. The results might surprise you…

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