10 Awesome Berlin Gifts & Souvenirs

Christmas: the time of year, when buying, consuming and eating reaches the frequency of breathing; all this accompanied by an often neglected essence of religion in the background. It is the time of year, when you look back at the last twelve months of your life thinking how many of last year’s resolutions you failed to achieve and set a new array of brand new unrealistic goals. On a more positive note, Christmas is the time of year, when you are surrounded by your loved ones exchanging gifts and appreciating having them in your life. If you are still contemplating what to get them this year, check out the following suggestions of presents, that are all made in Berlin and neatly curated by the awesome of berlin platform for stylish local design products that make excellent gifts and Berlin souvenirs.

A Berlin Map Watch

This handmade watch with a Berlin city map print designed by I Love Paper is a statement to the current zeitgeist, that revolves around raw materials, which are easy to access, as well as a minimal lifestyle. It is, also, super light, since it is made out of TYVEK®, which combines the best features of paper and foil.

* * *


This is the ultimate Berlin gym bag. Should you be not into sports, feel free to get inspired by its many hashtags imprinted on it, that indicate its various uses. The design comes from Officine Berlinesi and is available in two color options.

* * *

Black Marble Ashtray

This black marble piece by Fundamental is definitely something that will catch the attention of anybody that looks at your table. You may use it as an ashtray, bowl or for decorative purposes.

* * *

Berliner Winter Drink

This is something that will keep you company through the cold and gloomy Berliner weather. Made out of vodka, apple juice and various spices, Berliner Winter is best served hot with a slice of lemon.

* * *

A Berlin Fragrance

This perfume by Frau Tonis Parfum will make you look forward for the incomparable Berliner summer, which might be slightly excruciating, since it is only December. However, its euphoric odour consisting of citrus, balm and peppermint will be hard to resist.

* * *

A Disruptive Frame

For those of you who consider frames a rather mundane and out of touch gift, Fundamental’s work will most certainly change your mind. Either for black and white or colored photographs and pictures, it conveys a sense of mystery and charm.

* * *

The Transparent Bag

This backpack by Hänska made out of high quality polyester and vegetable-tanned leather is suitable both for going out and shopping offering ample space to put your belongings as well as the possibility to partially fold and take a diamond-like shape. Due to its transparency you will also speed up the bag check at your favorite nightclub.

* * *

A Berlin Box of Chocolates

Who can say no to a beautifully designed box full of delicious pralines – especially when the packaging has Berlin’s heralded animal on it? Sawade from Berlin has a few lovely options for you.

* * *

Beard Grooming Products

The products from OAK are probably every bearded guy’s dream when it comes to taking care of their beard and the problems its neglect can bring about. Free of paraben and other hazardous chemicals, it clears the beard as well as the skin underneath from any dirt it has attracted during the day. Since beards are still a style standard for guys in Berlin, this definitely belongs on our list!

* * *

Concrete Jewelry

Berlin’s architecture and aesthetic is dominated by raw concrete. So what material could be better than concrete to create Berlin-style jewelry. In the end nothing here is really made of gold after all. The label Bergnerschmidt has some beautiful pieces in black, grey and white concrete as rings, necklaces and bracelets.

* * *

We hope you liked our small selection here and they give you a good alternative to the more traditional Berlin-themed products. As mentioned above we found all of the items in the wonderful platform of berlin. If you want to check out the things live they also have a store in Bergmannkiez at Nostitzstr. 23 open Wed-Sat 12-20h.

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