Berlin Goods: Wooden Furniture from Kentholz

During my Art Direction and Design Studies I read a lot about timeless design. Is this a real phenomenon or is minimal design for instance just a passing fad and we only consider it today as kind of timeless? It’s definitely not as easy to define as one might think in the beginning. When reading more about „timelessness” and sustainable materials you cannot get around the most obvious one of all: Wood. There is a reason why it is one of the oldest and most commonly used, still beloved materials. It is even said that surrounding yourself with a lot of (mostly untreated) wood is good for your health and lowers blood pressure.

So when I came across the sustainable woodworking enterprise Kentholz, I just had to love their approach and designs. Not only do they work with recycled materials only, but the results are unique quality pieces of furniture, that will last and moreover be cherished over time. When getting a furniture request the founders make sure to find and choose the right materials wisely. Sometimes that means finding a piece of wood with a number of old nail holes and marks in it. Like they said „ Every piece of wood has its own history, its own natural knots, its own curves and its imperfections.”, so they truly embrace that unique and beautiful character of the reclaimed timber. Together with some slender and sleek hairpin legs for instance or some heavy metal pillars it results in a perfect blend between rustic charm and simple contemporary design.

Check out their website here.

photos: Kentholz

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