The Culinary Triangle of Kreuzberg

Being one of the most popular districts of Berlin it comes as no surprise that Kreuzberg has one of the most diverse and pulsating gastronomic scenes of Berlin. There are some typical hotspots here such as Paul-Linke-Ufer, Oranienstraße, Wiener Straße and the area around Schlesisches Tor that are full of amazing restaurants and bistros with a variety of foods that offer something for everyone’s taste. But today we want to highlight an area that is a little bit under the radar but has some great food spots that you should definitely look into: I’m talking about Prinzenstraße.

Thanks to the dinner event series 3/6 Dreieck Dinner I was able to experience three of the most interesting restaurants in this area and all in the course of one evening and one menu. Instead of just going to one restaurant and eating all courses there how about taking courses in different places that are close by? This is pretty much the concept of the Dreieck Dinner.

To give you a bit of an impression and to wet your appetite, not only for this event series, but also to check out the individual restaurants that have been part of it, we want to give you a little introduction to three of them. Note that the selection of location for upcoming Dreieck Dinner events might differ.

Parker Bowles

Located inside the iconic Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz Parker Bowles is probably the most known and popular ones. It’s a great place for a casual breakfast or a really delicious lunch, but in the evenings from Thursdays to Saturdays it gets more elegant and sophisticated with elaborate dinner creations.

Parker Bowles, Prinzenstraße 85d, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open for breakfast/lunch Mon-Sat 9-18h, dinner Thu-Sat 18-24h, Tel: +49-30 55279099

* * *


Located a bit off the beaten track on Prinzenstraße the fairly new Mirika is not a place that you come by easily if you don’t know it, so you can consider this an insider tip. For the Kreuzberg crowd living and working in the area it’s a great option for breakfast and lunch with quite hearty and down-to-earth kind of dishes. As part of the 3/6 Dreieck Dinner you can also experience the place for dinner!

Mirika, Prinzenstr. 103, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open Mon-Fri 10-18h, Sat-Sun 10-16h, Tel: +49 30 61654090

* * *


Inside the backyard of an old industrial brick building on Ritterstraße of which we have quite a few in Kreuzberg you’ll find Vabrique bringing some comfort and good food into the yard. Their dishes are made of mostly local and seasonal ingredients with many vegetarian options. For special events and catering they also offer dinner.

Vabrique, Ritterstraße 12-14, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open Mon-Fri 9-17h, Tel: +491512 7520263

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