A Natural Workout in the Parks & Playgrounds of Berlin

Are you one of those people who have a contract for a gym and hardly ever go there? Especially at the beginning of the year, people have the intention to work on their body, preparing for summer. But let’s be honest: when the summer is finally there, who wants to still go to the stuffy, stinky gym? We think there are better options to do a body workout than going into a studio.

There are many options to train your body, fitness trends like Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit… But did you ever try Natural Movement? Sounds like something you can only do in the wilderness, but hold on, Berlin also has its spots for this! Natural Movement offers you to explore your body’s full range of motion and agility. By practicing, you will start to gain the skills, strength and condition essential to adapt and perform in any environment. And please, don’t worry to look like a little monkey, we love monkeys!

To give you a bit of an impression I collected a few ideal places in Berlin perfect for a natural workout and also a few easy exercises.


Indeed, there are many gyms in Berlin, but there are even more parks that are perfect for your workout! For example, the Engelbecken in front of the Saint Michael’s church is a good starting point to go for a run or do some ground movement in the grass. Every morning, gardeners take care about the spot and make sure you can enjoy both fitness, flowers and a nice view.



Back in the days, the Berlin Wall divided the city into East and West. Southeast it went through Bethaniendamm which originally was one of the canals in Berlin. After tearing down the Wall, Bethaniendamm became a beautiful, planted spot in Kreuzberg. Here, you find trees to do some hangings or balancing at the somehow weird looking playground. Only one minute of hanging (yeah, hanging around at a tree), will strengthen your back – actually the right thing you need after sitting at work. And balancing trains your abs more than you think!



Yes, this big meadow is ideal for BBQ or meeting friends and relax a little. But behind the old building with the two little towers and the restaurant “3 Schwestern”, is a big playground you can use for your workout. Don’t be afraid to soil your hands: crawl! Crawling is one of the most natural and intuitive human movements! Looks easy, but you train your whole body!

Natural Movement is a comprehensive, holistic & mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities. The practice is progressive and safe for everyone, and supports physical competence for any area of life. The complex and adaptable movement patterns practiced in MovNat promote a clarity and restful state for the mind. Something that we are often in desperate need of in Berlin, aren’t we?

Text: Antje König, photos: Alejandro Arretureta

* * *

Antje König is an author and advocate for Natural Movement. Together with MovNat instructor Bernd Reicheneder she is offering a workshops that teach easy movements exercises for your daily routine that you can practice both at home or at playgrounds in the city. The next workshop is taking place on September 3rd from 12-18h.

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