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Berlin is our culinary wonderland with so many interesting new places, products and projects popping up all the time that bring pleasure to our tastebuds. We teamed up with the Berlin Foodie Guide – the new culinary platform from our partner Priceless® Berlin – to discover the latest food trends and novelties for you guys. Earlier this month we visited the Berlin Food Week which was pretty much an explosion of culinary inspiration for us. Alicia got a taste of the latest gastronomy trends in Berlin at the Food Clash Canteen event. You can see her review over at the Berlin Foodie Guide. And I took a closer look at food projects that were presented at the House of Food.

The House of Food brought together some of the most innovative and exciting food entrepreneurs under one roof who presented their projects at little booths and during a series of workshops on stage. There was really a lot to discover and especially the projects from Berlin were interesting to us. There were food apps, gourmet stores, innovative new products and online shops

Knalle Popcorn

As someone who is not a huge fan of popcorn it is pretty much a miracle that the handmade flavored popcorn from Popcornditorei Knalle at Mühsamstr. 41 in Friedrichshain belongs to my favorite sweet snacks right now! Their interesting pairings and infusions just get the best out of popcorn. It’s just so much better than regular cinema popcorn! Read more about them on the Berlin Foodie Guide.


Candide Chocolates

With this project I can’t decide what’s sweeter: The chocolate or its makers? The guys behind Candide have a unique approach to making chocolate. Every week they create a new original flavor that is only available for two weeke and after that it’s gonna be a different one. So you better pile up on those fine bars. You can get their delicious chocolates at their new booth at Arminiusmarkthalle  in Moabit.


South Embassy

The South Embassy is a concept store on Alte Schönhauser Str. 33-34 in Mitte that brings together the best products from all the Latin American countries. Think wine from Chile, Dulce de Leche from Argentina, coffee from Colombia, chocolate from Venezuela and so much more. In their lovely store they also have more than food and drinks, also fashion and decorative products.



Lakritzdealer is your specialty candy store on Muskauer Str. 10 in Kreuzberg bringing you the best of licorice from Scandinavia right to Berlin. Their newest and most delicious discovery: Shiny copper-colored balls filled with salted caramel and licorice. So delicious!


Spree Gin

The guys who brought as the delicious Pijökel herbal liqueur are now bringing us the Spree Gin – a fine gin made in Berlin. But its origin, the beautiful bottle design and the great taste are not even the best parts: It’s the first organic gin from Berlin – macerated in original Spreewald cucumbers. Very unique!


Taste Twelve

Taste Twelve is kind of the deluxe version of a coupon book. It presents 12 of the most exciting restaurants in Berlin, some brand new, some established classics, and their star chefs. For each of the 12 restaurants you will get a special deal for your dinner for two when you present the book on your visit. There is a new edition with a different selection of restaurants coming our every year.


Too Good To Go

The Too Good To Go app is actually not made in Berlin but they offer their service in Berlin, that’s why we are listing it here anyway. The app fights against food waste by organizing restaurants and shops together who offer their left-over products by the end of the day for a cheaper price so they don’t have to go to waste. Pretty good idea!


Best Beef

Having been in Argentina a lot – the country most known for their excellent beef – it has already occurred to me that the sources of meat in Berlin can be quite unreliable in terms of quality. Best Beef is the solution to chewy steak from the supermarkets. They have the biggest variety of meats from local producers, but also international products of the finest quality. They are in fact so successful that they already have 4 stores in Berlin: in Güntzelstr. 40, Breisgauer Str. 20, Düsseldorfer Str. 74 and Argentinische Allee 221. It’s a paradise for meat lovers!


8gb. – 8 Green Bottles

With so many wine stores and wine online shops already on the market how do you start something new and really stand out? 8gb.‘s concept is simply and clean: They focus on young and modern wine producers that have interesting stories and concepts with their wines.



Limoncino is a charming young limoncello lemon liqueur from Berlin by Swiss Italian producer Julia Kolb. It comes not only in the classic lemon flavor, but also in other flavors such as tangerine, orange, raspberry, mind and more. At the Berlin Food Week they shared their booth with another charming product from Berlin and Luzern: the nostalgic sugar sirups from Zuckerpeitsche.


O’Donnell Moonshine

In the times of the prohibition in the USA the production and sale of alcohol products was prohibited, so the people had to be creative. They distilled their own spirits and discretely distributed them in mason jars. It was called moonshine. The O’Donnell store at the Quartier 205 on Friedrichstraße 68 is bringing this nostalgic drink back in different flavors and sizes, ready to drink or to mix as a long drinks.


Share Foods

Share Foods from Berlin is a new charity food project that wants to support the people in need. With every one of their organic gluten free cereal bars that you automatically buy an entire meal for a person in need. Thanks to a little tracking code on the product you can actually trace where your free meal is actually going. That’s an amazing approach for responsible consumption.


We hope you liked our culinary discoveries from the Berlin Food Week. For more culinary experiences and tips have a look at the newly launched Berlin Foodie Guide.

Thanks for the support by Priceless® Berlin!

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