Last year, our most attentive readers must have already spotted the collaboration with Priceless Berlin – the platform for unique experiences by Mastercard – that we did in the form of culinary, crafty, and adventurous Berlin Guides. This year we’ve come together with Priceless Berlin again, namely for the brand new Berlin Foodie Guide – a new platform devoted to culinary experiences in Berlin. The result of our work stands out amongst other similar ventures – in contrast to any typical guide, the Berlin Foodie Guide is designed to cater to our reader’s various moods and occasions with carefully curated stories.

With our stories we want to give the typical food recommendation a new individual perspective – and that’s how traditional gastronomy features transform into pieces one reads as if they were a recommendation from a dear friend. So don’t expect any boring conventional reviews – the texts on the website might surprise you a little, especially as the title doesn’t always give away the piece’s actual topic – it rather suggests why you’d wanna get into it and what kind of mood would be the best setting.

And that’s how under the title ‘’Currywurst was yesterday’’ you actually find a piece of advice on the best falafels in town, while ‘’Nothing better than a men’s night!’’ mentions places like the restaurant The Butcher and the specialty shop Whisky & Cigars.

Our insider tips are not just limited to the spots around the city that are most worth recommending – we’re all about showing you different concepts as well, that make the Berlin Foodie Guide an even more holistic experience. That’s why we introduce you to our colleague and Berlin’s Vegan Queen number one Sophia Hoffmann with her fantastic und absolutely animal-free menus.

Apart from that you can read an interview with Manuel Schmuck – this former chef from the restaurant ‘’Martha’s’’ in Schöneberg has an established position in the gastronomy world and regularly creates real culinary pieces of art.

The Berlin Foodie Guide would of course be incomplete had we failed to mention Kristiane Kegelmann. This food artist reinterprets chocolates on an everyday basis – she creates the spectacular sculptures made of confections that become a one-of-a-kind experience for more than one sense.

The new platform also gives you advice which restaurants or cafes are best for particular occasions. Accordingly, we’ve tried to help with choosing the place you can invite your date to – everyone knows how important it is to do this kind of research beforehand!

We’re telling you which intimate coffee places are the optimal choice if you just want to sit down and have a deep conversation with someone. Our highlights are the cafe Bilderbuch with its famous breakfast menu or the charming Ora, located in an repurposed pharmacy. You get to choose!

However, if you’re looking for a clear outline of restaurants, coffee places and bars, good spots, or even events – the Berlin Foodie Guide is just the right place. One that you’ll definitely want to check out in the upcoming days is the exclusive tour of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Berlin!

We are positive that the stories and recommendations of the Berlin Foodie Guide will inspire you to collect lots of unforgettable experiences. Have fun with your discoveries!

photo: Alicia Kassebohm

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on November 21st, 2017
updated on November 22nd, 2017
in Food