Sustainable Listening #4 – How the Future of Food can Save the Planet

Our next chapter of the event series Sustainable Listening together with Staatsoper Berlin combined culinary innovation and climate responsibility. Themed around the food system and the Planetary Health Diet, this unique gathering blended classical and electronic music, creating a sensory journey into the realms of food and sustainability.

Despite inflation hitting the gastronomy scene, Berlin continues to offer an impressive range of culinary delights from around the world and for different pockets. The city’s commitment to vegan and vegetarian cuisine is evident, although the numbers show there’s still progress to be made. With only 5% of restaurants being exclusively plant-based, and 20% offering vegetarian or vegan menus, Berlin’s food landscape reflects a growing, shift towards sustainable eating.

The Planetary Health Diet – A solution to combat climate change

Last week marked another engaging edition of Sustainable Listening, the innovative concert and climate talk series by iHeartBerlin in collaboration with Staatsoper. This event brings together scientific experts and artists for an evening dedicated to climate issues. The focus this time was on the profound impact of our food system on the climate. A critical highlight was the discussion around the global meat industry, a major contributor to the climate crisis. Our speaker from Prof. Herman Lotze-Campen shed light on current challenges within our food systems, emphasizing the urgent need to shift towards less meat consumption. Central to his talk was the Planetary Health Diet, a concept advocating for a higher intake of legumes and exploring novel protein sources, presenting itself as a promising approach to lessen our environmental footprint.

The highlight of the evening was an opulent vegetable-based baroque feast, challenging the traditional meat-centric celebrations. Food artist Eleonore Buschinger, known for her personalized food delivery service ‘Eat Vitamin Color‘, crafted an exquisite menu that gave joy to our taste buds. The right drink was offered for a donation from BRLO. They produce an emission-free beer which is also non-alcoholic.

Sensorial Harmony of Food and Music

The event’s success was also owed to the  performances by the Orchester des Wandels from Staatsoper Berlin and the electronic duo Gebrüder Teichmann. Their music underscored the event’s message: addressing climate change is a collective journey that can be enriched and inspired through artistic expression.

This event was more than just a night of culinary and musical exploration. It was a call to action for a more sustainable future, starting with what we put on our plates. As we eagerly anticipate the next session in May 2024, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this experience unforgettable.

The next edition will be in May and you can already buy tickets for it.

Thanks to BRLO and to German Zero for supporting this beautiful event.

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