5 Amazing Short Films Exploring The Complexity of Sexuality

It’s Sunday, we got nothing much to do, we’ve been stuck at home for weeks, we’re bored, and to be honest, we’re kinda horny. So we thought it might be about time to give you something juicy to occupy your mind (and potentially other parts). We haven’t had a lot of kinky blog posts in a while, and you know we’re quite sex-positive here at iHeartBerlin, so we wanna offer you a bit of entertainment here, and possibly on the following Sundays. The “Short Sunday” used to be a category on iHeartBerlin many many years ago where we presented short films and video clips we found extra cute, so now might be a good time to get back to this tradition.

We wanna start something with a little bit more depth, we thought. A friend of ours sent us a relatively new short film about the obsession of a certain type of masculinity. The film is not really related to Berlin, but it’s an interesting watch nonetheless. We did a bit of research and found four more short films (some of which are actually related to Berlin) that all deal with the topic of complex sexuality in different ways and we thought this would make a great little short film program. To our delight, these five films even cover a wide spectrum of sexual orientations, from straight to gay, lesbian and bi. Hurrah! So without further ado, we let you dive right into it:

Stranger Out of You


This one is the one I mentioned that was sent to us by a friend. It’s quite new, written, directed and starring Matthew Risch who some of you might recognize from Tales of the City, Looking, How to Get Away With Murder and Modern Family. It’s a bit of a trippy ride into the mind of someone who develops an unhealthy obsession with a lover.



Hotel Berlin


Here comes an interesting little Berlin short film by Michel Dulisch titled Hotel Berlin with a one-night-stand that ends a little awkwardly. Don’t wanna spoil too much here…




This short film by Thales Banzai shows the very complicated but often not talked about reality of sex in relationships.



Soft Skin, Violence in the Eyes


This moody black and white short written by Anna Jiménez and shot by Marc Nadal explores the abusive relationship of a lesbian couple.



Heile Gänsje


Last but not least a classic short by Berlin-based filmmaker Matt Lambert. Heile Gänsje follows young guys who is caught in a whirlwind of his own desires and self-discovery.


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