5 Things in Berlin The Pandemic Didn’t Affect

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu. 

Over a year into the pandemic, it seems like we can find its traces in almost every single aspect of our lives. Whether it’s work, leisure, or socializing – chances are you’ve had to make multiple adjustments, and wearing a mask was just the beginning. But here in Berlin, there are at least five things that have remained unchanged throughout the raging pandemic. 

The Internet speed


Our lives might now largely exist in the virtual space, but the German Internet speed remains blissfully unbothered. It used to be annoying before the pandemic, but now it can disrupt your entire day. Anyway, there’s nothing like the thrill of having your camera freeze at an awkward facial expression while you’re giving a presentation at work. 



The smell of Kotti 


One might hope that the famous party hotspot would benefit from some air circulation unobstructed by the incessant flow of hardened ravers. But even after multiple lockdowns, Kotti still smells the same and welcomes you with the reassuringly familiar though pungent aroma. 



Grumpy Berliners


We’ve known it for years: most representatives of Berlin’s original population tend towards grumpiness. Our author Andy has even tried to analyze the possible reasons behind this classic trait in this article. This being the default state, now Berliners’ grumpiness must be at an all-time low due to the grim circumstances of the pandemic. And even if some managed to find some kind of silver lining, it went unnoticed, since we have all been locked up for the better part of the last 1,5 years. 



Swans on the Kanal 

The Kanal swans have weathered all the various levels of the pandemic storms. Maybe they were your only companions on those lonely Kanal walks back when you couldn’t gather outside. And then came the day when once again you had to shield from their unwanted advances disturbing your casual inflatable boat cruise.



The inability to pay with a card 


With Berlin’s nightlife don’t forget the golden rule of virtually all party venues and vendors: nur Barzahlung möglich. They don’t care how much money your mum wires every month for your DJ career – if you don’t have it in cash, better head back to the Geldautomat. 


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