Beautiful Flower Bouquets in Berlin: The Bergamotte Delivery Service


We can hardly believe it, but it looks like spring is finally here. The mood goes immediately up for us, as well as our need for fresh new colors and inspiration in our own four walls. And what could be better than a beautiful, colorful bouquet of flowers on the table? On the streets and in the stores we see colorful tulips and other great spring flowers everywhere. Our eyes can hardly get enough of them. But who has the most beautiful bouquet in Berlin?

Today we would like to recommend a hot contender for this title: Bergamotte is an online flower delivery service that originally comes from France and has made a name for itself in recent years especially for its great pop up sales with houseplants, which we ourselves have visited often and gladly to green up our apartment. But the Pop Up Sales are only part of their activity. For those who want to meet their plant and flower needs in between Pop Up Sales, there is a rich selection of them on their website at any given time. Some time ago, we also introduced you to Bergamotte for shipping houseplants with Berlin delivery, you are welcome to read that again here. But today our contribution should be all about their great flower bouquets.



For spring, Bergamotte has a particularly impressive selection of new bouquets on offer on their website: Yellow daffodils, white poppies, orange ranunculus, salmon-colored roses, and soft pink carnations are available here in abundance tied together into beautiful, tasteful bouquets. This sight simply makes our hearts beat faster. For these splendors, there are also some great occasions in the spring, such as Mother’s Day on May 8, which you should not forget in any case. Especially for this, the practical flower delivery service from Bergamotte is suitable, if you want to give your mothers a little joy. Sending flowers to Berlin and many other major cities in all German states has never been easier and more beautiful. Bergamotte’s promise of transparency and sustainability is also particularly encouraging. The packaging, for example, is mostly free of plastic, and flowers and plants are sourced from responsible growers, all of which are traceable.

If you can’t get enough of colorful flowers and fresh greenery and don’t just want to dress up your table with a bouquet, Bergamotte also has a nice selection of balcony plants, such as lavender, lemon, and olive trees, as well as daisies, peonies and other flower pots. A lot of great houseplants are also available, of course, as well as some plant accessories and beautiful home accessories. 



Fans of the famous plant pop-up sales can rejoice: in mid-May, there will also be another Bergamotte pop-up in Berlin. We are especially looking forward to this because in the past these events have been done with great attention to detail and have not only served the sale but also given plant lovers the opportunity to connect and exchange with each other. 

More info for the upcoming pop-ups will be coming soon, so be sure to check back or follow Bergamotte on Instagram or Facebook. Until then, the Bergamotte online store is of course ready for you to send plants and flowers to Berlin. In any case, we wish you much pleasure in choosing and much joy with your new flower bouquet in Berlin.

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