Berlin’s Finest Clubwear Brands

photo: IVY Berlin. 

It only takes one look around the dance floor to know that Berlin is a city of absolutely fire clubwear. Harnesses, latex, collars, ass-less chaps, platform shoes, and fishnets are a Berliner’s bread and butter. And it’s not just the people in Berlin who wear these clothes, but designers, labels, and shops craft and sell these unique pieces that are handmade and often from sustainable materials.

Here are iHeartBerlin’s top picks for the best spots to update your techno wardrobe in Berlin.




NAKT is a clubwear brand in Berlin that originated from an idea of an art project in Berghain in 2018 and has since only increased in popularity. Their clothes are sleek and edgy in a perfect balance making the wearer look put together while still ready for a rave. They define their signature look as “hard cuts, obscure minimalistic designs, slick metal chains and striking iron buckles.” You can find their clothes in stores across Europe, their studio in Neukölln and their online shop.



photos: NAKT





The slow fashion label Indyanna represents the best of Berlin clubwear. The brand was founded by Anna, a fashion graduate with a sewing machine and a dream and has developed into a successful alternative clothing brand. Indyanna’s style is marked by studs and spikes, crazy patterns like cow, snake and flames and a whole lot of fishnet. Unlike NAKT, Indyanna breaks out of the “all black everything” Berlin uniform and dares the raver to incorporate some color. You can find Indyanna at the Coexist concept store in Friedrichshain, also owned and run by Anna.


photos: Indyanna


IVY Berlin


Tessa Ivy, the designer at IVY Berlin stands for sustainability and inclusivity in fashion and partying. All of her clothes are designed and made in Berlin and she makes pieces in sizes XS-XL but specifies on her website that custom sizes are always available (we stan an inclusive queen). IVY’s clothes are comfortable yet show-stopping, perfect for 24 hours of dancing at a festival. You can find IVY Berlin at Shop Radical in Friedrichshain and their online shop.


photos: IVY Berlin


Lui Trash


Lui Trash specializes in handmade chokers, harnesses and lingerie. Their pieces feature colorful PVC bras, harnesses, cuffs and belts. All items can be ordered in custom sizes and they do flash sales on their Instagram stories from time to time so make sure to drop a follow. You can currently purchase Lui Trash items online and at the Coexist concept store in Friedrichshain.


photos: Lui Trash




In 2012 sisters Paula and Mariángeles Aguirre started tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise as a joint venture spanning the Atlantic Ocean. The Aguirre sisters, from Argentina, run their upcycling business from Cordoba and Berlin. Their brand stands against the excess and exclusivity of the fast fashion industry by upcycling clothes that are “gender-free, season-free and trend-free.” Their clothes and accessories are marked by chains, straps, vinyl details and evident personality. You can find their pieces online and in several concept stores in Berlin, Amsterdam and Argentina.


photo: Luciana Damiao




LUPAE specializes in latex femme clothing perfect for your next night in KitKat. They craft latex bodysuits, dresses, bottoms, tops and gloves in various colors patterns and styles. As their clothes are handmade in Berlin of the highest quality latex, their pieces can be quite pricey. In our eyes, it’s worth it if you want to invest in some latex just make sure to also invest in some lube. You can find their pieces online or at the Coexist concept store in Friedrichshain or the Pornceptual online shop. The latter also has an exquisite selection of even more clubwear and accessories.


photo: LUPEA




UY is a fashion label and art collective founded on the aesthetics of the Middle East and Scandinavia by Idan Gilony, from Tel Aviv and Fanny Lawaetz, from Stockholm. Like many other Berlin brands, UY rejects traditional gender, season and trend norms to create clothes that are both timeless and unisex. All of their garments are handmade in Berlin with materials sourced from local shops; UY’s inspiration is global while the execution is local. You can find their clothes at their studio in Neukölln or their online shop.


photos: UY




Perfectly adhering to the “Berlin uniform,” Obectra only produces clothes in black. Their pieces are made of organic materials and often vintage leather. They make comfortable hoodies, harem pants, underwear and t-shirts, as well as an entire line of fetish wear. All of their clothes are made in their studio in Berlin and you can find their pieces on the dance floor as well as on their online shop.


photos: Obectra

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