Cocktail & Movie 4 – Celebrating the Love Dramas and Decadence of the Fin de Siècle

Once a year, the Staatsoper and iHeartBerlin invite readers and music enthusiast to the beautiful Apollosaal. For one night, the opera’s opulent marble reception hall takes on a dual role: a cinema and a cocktail bar. Related to the Opera season’s musical lineup, we hand-pick a film and craft a cocktail, aiming to stir the audience’s curiosity about a particular opera or musical piece. This year’s movie and drink by Zubrowka was all about the atmosphere and decadence of the start of the 20th century. Read on to learn more about it and see some impressions from this evening. 

Certain individuals become legends for their artistic works, while others are remembered as the muses behind such talent. Alma Mahler, the talented but overshadowed composer, and widow of the esteemed Gustav Mahler, belonged to the latter group. Though she possessed considerable talent herself, her husband’s wishes confined her to the shadows, making her his silent collaborator.

However, Alma had her own way of challenging this role. By having multiple affairs with renowned figures, she stirred Gustav’s jealousy. After Gustav Mahler’s death, Alma’s complex relationship with painter Oskar Kokoshka became the talk of Viennese society. Their relationship unfortunately was also far from serene and punctuated with drama and intrigue.



Their tumultuous love story is beautifully depicted in “Alma + Oscar”, the film showcased at this year’s Cocktails and Movies event. But a cocktail and movie night would be nothing without the cocktails. Well-fitting to the dark and decadent atmosphere of the movie, the cocktail experts from the Polish vodka brand Zubrowka created an intriguing signature drink “Le Fin” that felt more like an alchemist potion than a cocktail. This drink is a special blend of vodka, apple juice, tequila, and cucumber. Presented in a green shade, it felt reminiscent of absinthe bars of former times, adding to the evening’s special flair. And the intricate architecture of the historic hall obviously helped to immerse in the feeling of another century.

Drink responsibly, from the age of 18!

Before the movie the audience got a short introduction explaining also why this movie fits so well with this season’s concerts of the Staatskapelle Berlin, where Gustav Mahler’s fifth symphony, a tribute to Alma, will be performed. This season also aims to spotlight female composers and conductors, acknowledging the contributions of women like Alma who were restricted in their times.



Experience the Staatskappelle Berlin live

Lastly, a treat for our readers: The renowned Staatskapelle orchestra has performances lined up at the Berliner Philharmonie and Staatsoper on the 30th, and 31st of October.

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