Halloween And A Trip Down Party Memory Lane

You know we love a good party, and you can imagine being locked up for the last 1,5 years has been a challenge. It has been itching under our fingernails now for a while, so when our former iHeartBerlin party writer Suz asked us if we wanted to do a Halloween party with her at Backyard it was pretty much a given we would jump at the opportunity.

Backyard has a place in our hearts because we celebrated so many parties here, most famously the iconic Last Days parties. Those of you who have been around here for a while might even remember the various party photo sets we published in those days. It was certainly something that shaped iHeartBerlin and its place in the Berlin blog and magazine world.

To come back here for another spin felt like a trip down memory lane. The small club that has been around now for around 10 years but who ran a more quiet profile of mostly invite-only events in the last years has really once again proven such a perfect place to have a good time. It has certainly grown up from its rough early days, but it stills feels like a familiar old friend. Some of us really had a teary eye dancing on these floors again.



But it was extra fun for us to bring in some fresh faces and share this hidden spot with them. We had the cutest guests at our event which made us really happy. And we got to work with new people such as the talented tattoo artists from the Noir Tattoo Berlin collective who did a live tattoo session and exhibited some of their amazing artworks that go way beyond tattoos.

As a little extra treat for our guests, we invited one of our favorite drag performers to do a creepy little number: the wonderful Purrja who we met for the first time at our Like A Berliner book release event two years ago and who has really established herself as an outstanding talent in the city since then. And she even brought some wicked friends with her: Santana Sexmachine who was definitely in need of an exorcism and Yvonne Nightstand who gave us a little Anastasia revival. We are fans!

The night was full of surprises and pleasures we didn’t even realize we were craving. A tattoo we didn’t know we wanted, our team dancing together to the beats of our very own DJ Ando a.k.a. Andy, Claudio making it through the entire night in heels for the first time and me learning how to drink through red tights. Definitely an experience I won’t forget so easily…

Special thanks go out to Suz and Lars from Backyard for being our partners in crime for this event, and to Joshua from Mobile Kino and Dina for giving a helping hand! Much appreciated.

And now without further ado some impressions of the hot night…

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