Jill Senft Transforms Potsdamer Platz with Her Colorful Art


The iconic Potsdamer Platz has such a rich history of transformation and reinvention – it’s almost a part of its identity. Berlin-based artist Jill Senft has now become another creative force in a long line of people who laid their hands on the famous quarter and gave it a fresh look. We recently joined a guided tour by the artist herself showcasing several of her sight-specific pieces that are spread all over the place – many of which are inside and around the newly opened The Playce that some of you might remember as the former Potsdamer Platz Arkaden – a place that has gone through its own mighty transformation in the last years.

The style of artist Jill Senft can be described as colorful, joyful, bold, and whimsical – a style that could not be more suitable for a busy place like that with so much going on and so many different people passing through. She was one of many artists that pitched their visions for the artist take-over and her idea was the one that struck a chord. 



photos: Ricki Nalu


The Artworks of Jill Senft


When you visit Potsdamer Platz you will encounter several of Jill’s artworks in the shape of big and small sculptures, flags, animations on screens, and big murals. The most striking works might very well be the big heads that are next to the cinema, as well as the big characters doing splits – a male character is in front of the back entrance of the Playce, and a female one is in the lower level of the mall. There are also a big number of flags hanging above one of the side entrances and a couple of colorful wiener dogs that serve as benches for kids right by the main entrance.

During the guided tour Jill spoke to us about the inspiration of the artworks. Everything is related to the various activities and people you will encounter at Potsdamer Platz: People doing their shopping, meeting with friends, having coffee, hanging out, and walking their dogs. The Golden 1920s were also an inspiration for the artist. It makes a lot of sense since the Potsdamer Platz used to be a buzzing melting pot for commerce and entertainment back then. 


photos: Ricki Nalu


Art with a Sense of Humor


There is an ease and joyfulness of the artworks that just make you smile instantly. The little details such as the wiener dog in the bag, the quirky movements of the characters, and the funny little scenarios show an endearing sense of humor that just lights the place up. The abstract illustrations in bold colors with big smiles and goofy limbs perfectly fit the concept of The Playce which is all about experiences and having fun.

We’re glad to see that in a time of generic A.I. art there are still big-scale artist take-overs happening in our commercialized world and that Potsdamer Platz is giving space to the vision and talent of artists like Jill Senft.

You can see the artist take-over by Jill from now until September at Potsdamer Platz. During the Pride Month Berlin you can also see another artist take over there by Kati Szilágyi that is showing some wonderful Pride art in one of the window fronts of Potsdamer Platz. Enjoy!

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