Magenta Moon: Dive Into Another World with this Immersive Digital Experience


When I look outside the window right now, all I can think about is just getting out of here. But of course, flying to a more beautiful place is not always an option. But what I experienced at my visit to the new Magenta Moon pop-up experience by Deutsche Telekom, comes actually pretty close.

The “Moon Garden” is a pretty cutting-edge immersive and interactive experience and the centerpiece of the new Magenta Moon Campus that is happening from now until November 1st at Leipziger Platz in Berlin and online with various workshops and talks. Imagine walking into a room that brings you to a completely new world, stimulating your senses and offering you a place to relax, to play, to explore. It sounds like a dream right now – doesn’t it?

Developed by Flora&Fauna Visions the Moon Garden is a digital dream world seamlessly mapped into a circular room with you in the center. When you enter you find yourself in a fantastical landscape of the Magenta Moon – a place of beauty, tranquility, and prosperity. You’ll see a lot of objects that will react to your touch – you can even play a big interactive game building a rocket that flies you through space to reach the moon. It’s very playful and sweet and something for young and old alike.



I especially loved the night-time experience of the Moon Garden, where you see exotic glowing flowers and the stars above you. You just want to hang out there between the (real-live) plants and enjoy the atmosphere.


Digital Optimism at the Magenta Moon Campus


The Moon Garden is just one of many attractions in the Magenta Moon Campus. The pop-up experience is a new experiment by Deutsche Telekom to bring the live experience they usually host at the IFA into another, more accessible place. Everyone is invited to come here, visit the Moon Garden or one of the many little booths, or any of the talks, events, and workshops happening here for the next weeks until November 1st. There is even a little cafe to get drinks and snacks. The number of visitors is limited and face masks are mandatory, thus precautions are a priority in the Magenta Moon.

The overarching theme of the Magenta Moon Campus is Digital Optimism. In times of cyber mobbing, hate speech, election manipulation, and data capitalism, the digitization has shown its negative sides in recent years. Especially in recent times, where personal interactions are limited, digitization is one essential way to interact with each other. “Digital Optimism is taking a closer look at the good sides, and also how to deal with the problems of our time in a positive way. It gives us the chance to stop blaming the internet for everything and to take a closer look at ourselves while learning how to take advantage of the digital tools we have”, explains Antje Hundhausen, the initiator of Magenta Moon.




The program of events and talks in Berlin and online include renowned speakers such as activist Raul Krauthausen, who will talk about the young generation and their ways of communication, YouTuber Leeroy Matata who will talk about asking the difficult questions of our time, our colleagues from Mit Vergnügen talking about how to make podcasts and YouTuber LeFloid talking about hate speech on the internet.

If you want to get creative, you should look into the workshop program where you can learn from experienced professionals how to improve your photo, audio, and video skills, get into 3D printing or event learn some simple coding.

You can have a look at the program and all the details on the Magenta Moon website. There you can also register for your time slot and book tickets for the various workshops and talks, everything is free of charge. You can also walk by and register at the door. Many of the events will also be streamed live and offered as an interactive online webinar so you can enjoy them from everywhere. Enjoy your trip to the Magenta Moon! See you in the Moon Garden…



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