More Than Ice Cream: Magnum Launches Unique Limited Design Edition by Independent Designers


In the last couple of days, Berlin is finally starting to wake up again and feel like the multi-faceted and fun city that we all know and love. The sun is shining, people are outside and the Berlin vibes are slowly kicking in.

What better moment to come out with something new than now? We’re all craving some pleasure, and ice cream, and some golden sunsets. It feels like the perfect timing for what Magnum has in store for us. 

Recently I was lucky to get a glimpse of some shiny things coming up at the press event by Magnum. Of course, there was a brand new ice cream flavor involved, and some amazing bedazzled roller skates. Sounds like fun? Let’s dive in…


The Magnum Pleasure Icons


In anticipation of a golden summer with lots of sun and pleasure, Magnum commissioned a unique limited design edition of five design pieces by different independent labels and artists. We are glad they picked some really cool authentic brands for this and it really shows in the final designs.

The show stopper of this special design edition is certainly the pair of bedazzled roller skates that were created in collaboration between Luna Skates and artists Georgie+Timmy. Skates are probably the biggest it-piece of the season so I can only imagine that these skates are going to fly off the shelves. I can already see some of you doing some cool jam skating moves à la Oumi Janta at Tempelhofer Feld.

The other two “Pleasure Icons” are equally cool: Iconic jewelry designer Sabrina Dehoff created a pair of a bold golden bracelet and necklace with a Magnum-shaped charm that perfectly combines contemporary jewelry design with our number one craving of the summer: ice cream! 

The final pieces of the “Pleasure Icons” edition come from the popular Berlin fashion label Starstyling that designed oversized shirts in black and creamy color with a gold foil print of countless tiny Magnums. It’s the perfect shirt to make an impression at the next open-air party!

All three pleasure icons are available in the online shops of Luna Skates, Sabrina Dehoff and Starstyling. You can also try your luck at winning them here.



photos: Lina Tesch


Layers of Pleasure


Of course, I also got to try the brand new Magnum ice cream flavor at the press event, and that was quite the flavor explosion!

When it comes to Magnum’s Double ice cream range it’s all about the different layers you have to break through to reach the creamy core. In the case of the new Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire – inspired by the traditional “Billionaire Shortcake” dessert from Great Britain – you have to pass a layer of gold caramel chocolate with cookie crumbles and another one of salted caramel sauce until you reach a swirl of pecan nut and cookie ice cream. It’s such an exquisite mix of flavors that it will surely become the special sweet treat of this summer.


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