Should Dancers Only Have Perfect Bodies?

photos: Julieta Segura.

The body of a dancer must be perfect, right? This common prejudice and also restrictive view on dance performers and their bodies was critically questioned by the latest performance piece called Æffective Choreography by Andre Uerba. The premiere took place last weekend at Radialsystem and it was sold out many weeks before. But for everybody who missed it, we have a couple of impressions from the general rehearsal of the performance. 

Even though the dancers were naked most of the time and their genitals were out and about in many scenes, this piece was not about sex or eroticism, but rather the unfiltered perception of bodies. 

A body cannot simply be, a body is in change, in decay, in judgment, in attraction and rejection. Yet all bodies have a story and their stories are worth listening to. That is the message we experienced at this hypnotic, quiet, and a bit melancholic performance. The audience got the chance of a really intimate connection with the performers and the beautiful sound of the singer Kreatress filled the room with a bit of magic.  We will definitely put  Andre Uerba on our watchlist for the future and you should too. Looking forward to seeing what he is doing next. 







photos: Julieta Segura.

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