Souls in a Box: Creative Berliners in their Amazing Homes

Souls in a Box is a super charming portrait series by Italian photographer Alessandra Mannisi who has captured creative Berliners in their very unique homes. “This is a photography and anthropology project that draws insight into people’s lives focusing on their own personal intimate living space. Every box is a collection of memories, dreams, obsessions, hopes and points of view. This is a report about special people and their stories, but also a big window into our contemporary world. The purpose of this project is to show how different spaces can represent people’s personalities, but especially, to explore a contemporary and extraordinary generation from the inside and through many different lives,” explains Alessandra about her series. To complete a full set of 100 Souls in a Box she is still looking for more artists and creative individuals of any nationality, age, social extraction, culture, taste or art stream who have a unique home. If you fit this profile or know someone who does, please contact Alessandra and maybe you can soon be part of this amazing collection! Enjoy some of her photographs of this series after the jump.

More Souls in a Box here:

If you want to be part in the series or know someone who might fight please write an eMail to

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